How to Feel Hot in Your Bathing Suit This Summer

It's summer time, and every summer I spend a few weeks at my family's summer home.

So let's talk summer. I am sure there is one thing on your mind right now...getting into a bathing suit. Ugh.

I remember I would start dieting at the beginning of spring to be ready for summer in the past, but every month I would gain a few pounds from all the pressure, stress, and body hatred instead. So, by the time I would break out my new bikini for some fun in the sun I was still in my winter body. Feel me?

I would have these thoughts that everyone would be looking at my thighs and belly. I could hear them thinking "What is wrong with her?" or "Why can't she get it together?"

Then I began to Live More regardless of what I thought I looked like; I would step out from the shame I felt of my body and fully live my life. Then I not only started to enjoy my beach weekends so much more, but I also felt hot in my bikini even though I still didn't lose the winter weight.

Three Steps To Feel Great In Your Bathing Suit This Summer:

1. No one is paying attention to what you weigh, I promise. You only look awkward if you feel awkward. What they do notice is your energy you are giving off; everyone around you can tell if you feel comfortable in your skin. So, spend some time in the next week walking around your home naked, get comfy in your skin, and get a suit that is comfortable physically for you to wear. Then do the next steps...

2. Feel all your senses. In order to feel great in your skin you need to use your body for what she is for instead of just a clothes hanger. Once you get to your vacation location smell the ocean breeze, feel the warmth of the sun shining on you, listen to the waves crashing. The more you take in the more magic you will feel and the less you will be worried about how you look.

3. Lastly, live to the fullest. It is easy to convince yourself that if you were thinner you would be having more fun when you are uncomfortable. In reality, people are shy and insecure no matter their size. What cures the shyness you feel, is actively engaging in life. In order to do that talk with the people you are there with and find ways to connect. Go ahead and jump in the water, play in the sand, build a sandcastle, take a walk along the beach with someone. Try a new activity, laugh, read. Just enjoy being there.

Remember that to feel amazing in your bathing suit you need to be living bigger, not smaller.

Life is about living life to its fullest and feeling free, not about looking perfect.