Gavin McInnes Wants To Show You How To Fight A Baby

Does This Video Go Too Far?

Comedian and Vice cofounder Gavin McInnes -- known for being funny and controversial -- is at it again.

In a video titled "HOW TO FIGHT A BABY," McInnes jokingly explains just that -- how to take down a cute little baby (his cute little 10-month-old, specifically). Tickling is included as one of the ways to win, but as McInnes says in the video, “There are a lot of different moves you can do to kick a baby’s ass.”

McInnes made a similar video in 2009 that has less rough-housing, but still pairs kids and violence in an, er, unusual way. That one was called simply "How To Fight," but in it he shows viewers self-defense moves in slow motion -- using his toddler daughter as the "thug."

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Both clips are meant to be humorous, but somehow, seeing a baby fall sans neck-support into a bed didn't go over well with everyone. One YouTube commenter wrote, "You've got to be more careful. You can accidentally hurt the baby throwing him around like that. My 14 month old son broke his collar bone after climbing onto a kid's chair and jumping onto a pillow.ᄏ"

In response to the critics, McInnes told TODAY Moms, "I would hate if child services took my children away, but outside of that, I’m not concerned if it makes people mad or not.”

He certainly isn't new to pot-stirring. The last headlines McInnes made were for making offensive statements about women right here on HuffPost Live.

Although the "bad boy" seems to be showing a softer side in this particular video, we can't help but wonder if he goes too far?

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