How to Find a Mastermind Group You Can Actually Grow With

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Even the most disciplined entrepreneur relies on the steady hands of a trusted advisor, but only the wisest count on an entire community. The power of the right mastermind group can accelerate professional growth, take your business to unchartered territories, and even inspire a personal revolution. And when you’re ready to begin the transformation, there’s no better place to start than at the top: welcome to the brave new world of accountability, peer support, and positivity. You and your business are now part of a team, so ditch the fear and anxiety, and buckle up for the ride of your life.

Still, for maximum growth — both in terms of your business and yourself — it’s important to find a mastermind that truly resonates with you. Here’s how you can find a mastermind group that you can truly grow with, as well as existing masterminds that exemplify the best of what they have to offer.

Embrace the new you. Lost your vision? Have your dreams gone dark? Mastermind groups will help bring all those high-bar goals back into focus. How? By infusing your business with the energy to identify and then restructure what is underperforming. For example, marketing specialist Ben Simkin, CEO of BusinessNET, has founded his own mastermind group in which he shares the strategies that have generated over 1.45 billion dollars in sales for clients. He and his team show you how to eliminate the guesswork and stop the unproductive toiling to once-and-for-all lay out the strategic plan that will get you the results you’ve been working for all along.

Crucially, however, in order to really take advantage of all your mastermind has to offer, you must be ready to embrace a new vision for yourself. As Simkin says, “With major success comes major responsibility, and you have to be prepared to take that on.” Why go it alone when you can have a mastermind by your side?

<p>Ben Simkin , CEO of BusinessNET, Presenting Live at his Mastermind</p>

Ben Simkin , CEO of BusinessNET, Presenting Live at his Mastermind

Make it mandatory. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, exorcise the excuses. Don’t just consider joining a mastermind, make it a mandatory component of your makeover. Go where the leaders are, and tap into their high-octane network. Marketing pioneer Joe Polish, for instance, founded the Genius Network to collect and share wisdom from the world’s finest minds. Why do his clients become members of his mastermind? Because entrepreneurial brilliance shines brightest when it’s shared with others.

Retake the reins. Learn how to better control your business — and your life — by managing your time and maximizing your investment. GKIC has built a community of experts on Dan Kennedy’s multi-step, multimedia marketing foundation. The GKIC Partners can take your stubbornly inactive clients and show you how to engage, entice, and then turn them into advocates for your brand. When you take control, your clients take notice, and the cracks clogging your system have room to heal.

Think different, think better. Adopt the mentality to live on the cutting edge of global business. Anticipate the shifts, understand the capital, and do it faster than you imagined possible. Abundance 360 is a perfect example of this: it’s like a brainstorming session on steroids. Combining the passion and innovative prowess of Peter Diamandis, this mastermind teaches you how to harness the dynamic rate-of-change in any industry to operate, sustain, and grow your assets. Change can be an arduous process, but to keep up, companies must adapt. Because we’re doing business in an instantaneous world, we must learn how to function at that pace.

The ability to add value is a learned one; it takes practice and proper coaching. Mastermind groups go beyond the fads and gimmicks to reveal actual, usable information with platforms and tools that provide real results. Whatever industry you’re in, be the entrepreneur who uses the fast, effective, user-friendly interface everyone else wishes they knew about. Get ready to embark on a whole new way of doing business.

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