How to Find Riches in the Niches - Entrepreneur and Certified Life Coach James Elliot Rides Business Entertainment Show

James Elliott (<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>) and Entreprene
James Elliott ( and Entrepreneur Marcin Migdal

It’s another extraordinary day on Business Entertainment Show as your host Marcin Migdal prowls streets of Toronto for unsuspecting and interesting people wanting to share their story on our business reality show.

Today’s episode is that much more awesome as we have a trunk full of products by Google (Google Home), WYND (Portable Air Purifier) and Just-Mobile (Electronic Accessories). The lucky riders will only receive them if the episodes are chosen and featured of course.

As Marcin pulls up to the next pickup, James Elliot climbs in; James is a certified life coach with whose ambition is to be Tony Robbins of Canada. James turned his career around and devoted himself to helping others transform into the best and happier versions of themselves. Unleash Your Power, Love Your Life, Be The Man You Seek To Be.

James Elliot ( and host Entrepreneur Marcin Migdal
James Elliot ( and host Entrepreneur Marcin Migdal

James tells Marcin Migdal he worked for IBM and Novell Networks back in the day, but had enough of the corporate life when he realized he wasn’t fulfilled no matter how large his paycheck. Life was good, but like most he sought answers to his dilemma, that’s when he decided to find help and seek out mentors.

Most people think they can’t do what they want in life because they won’t make as much money or get respect from their peers if they try something they’re passionate about. ~ James Elliot

James describes the fears and difficulty of transitioning from a cushy job into the unknown realm of entrepreneurship. The experience he drew on is very identifiable; James lost 60 lbs of weight gained through unhealthy choices. James describes being bullied and touches on problems many face in relationships. James Elliot overcame all of these using the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). A method he learned by becoming a Certified Life Coach and one he teaches to others through 1-on-1 and group workshops at Unleash Your Power.

Entrepreneurs work like no-one will, so later they can live like no-one can. ~ James Elliot

As the ride continues, Marcin states those who earn comfortable incomes are ideal candidates for starting a business or turning their passions into a career, instead they become lazy and comfortable or as James puts it “They become comfortably uncomfortable”. They create the illusion of comfort by lounging in chik condos surrounded by expensive brand names going to a job with no security or fulfillment.

Someone once said having a nine to five (job) is one of the most selfish things a person can do, working for the purpose of self monetization and consumption when one’s life is to be treasured and lived with purpose and meaning. James has a lot more respect for entrepreneurs now that he’s become one.

Entrepreneurs as a whole are more respected members of society as they create jobs and happy work environments (Take offices of Google, Amazon, Linkedin or Shopify) that allow people to explore their passions. Entrepreneurs tend to hire passionate and people of action and reward them for loving their work.

If you’re planning on getting a dream job, consider working for a startup versus a bank. Even if you take a pay cut, room for advancement is much greater and relationships you make along the way will far outweigh the few extra dollars you’ll be taxed on anyways.

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Being a Travel Blogger is a dream job for most, but you won’t get there sitting on a coach and watching others do it. Just as our host Marcin Migdal travels twice a year to tropical destinations to film promotional videos at 5-star resorts, you can too get paid to travel. These opportunities are created through a series of events that lead to dream jobs.

No matter how much or little you may earn today from your job, ask yourself if you’re learning and growing everyday. If you were asked to perform your work for a week without pay would you get any satisfaction from it? If you answered “no”, you’re not in the right place no matter what you tell yourself or the size of your paycheck.

Consider reaching out to a mentor or someone whose lifestyle or work you’d rather be doing to add a sense of purpose and fulfillment into your life or career. As James says “Don’t be comfortably uncomfortable”, take action and do it today, don’t just try.

The secret in getting started is exactly that, getting started and taking action. The sooner you will the sooner you will reach your goals.

James Elliott (<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>) and <a
James Elliott ( and Marcin Migdal. Special Thanks to Wynd, Googlle Home Just Mobile for giveaways.

Special thanks to Google (Google Home), WYND (Portable Air Purifier) and Just-Mobile (Electronic Accessories). Contact us to feature your product.

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Thx to Wynd, Googlle Home Just Mobile for giveaways.
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