How To Figure Out Your Face Shape With One Simple Trick

This tutorial will help you connect the dots. Literally.

Knowing your face shape can come in handy, especially when deciding on a new haircut or which bangs hairstyle works best for you. But discovering whether you have an oval or diamond-shaped face isn't always as easy as looking in the mirror.

In the video above, the team at Birchbox shares a simple trick to figuring it out, and like many great moments in life, the process involves taking a selfie.

You'll need a camera or phone, a sheet of paper, printer and permanent marker. Take a photo of yourself with your hair pulled back. Then, draw dots around the outer corners of your printed picture. Connect all the dots until you have a clearer image of your face shape.

There are obvious distinctions between each face shape, as Birchbox points out. For example, individuals with oval faces tend to have curvier jawlines that are slightly narrower than their foreheads. Meanwhile, those with heart-shaped faces may have a widow's peak, and possess foreheads that are wider than the jawline.

Watch the video above for more clues. Were you right all along about the shape of your face? Or did this tutorial blow your mind? Tell us in the comments section.

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