How to fix Server Error 501 in Roadrunner Email Account

How to fix Server Error 501 in Roadrunner Email Account
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The Time Warner Cable Internet has an email service provider unit which works for providing email and internet service. The email service of Time Warner Cable is known as Roadrunner email service which you can get using the link. This is easy and of course easy to use as a email user with so many additional features which you couldn’t find in the other competitive email services.

You can use Roadrunner email service without any hurdle yet, there are some common issues which you will find it with Roadrunner email services. Although these are not the difficult ones, just the common issues, yet they need to address properly. We have observed the common error is 501 in Roadrunner email accounts. This has the most common occurrence and users have found it so annoying.

1. Server Error - 501

2. Server -

3. Server Response - 501 5.5.2 RCPT to Syntax error

4. Port - 587 or 25

5. Windows Live Mail Error ID - 0x800CCC79

6. Secure (SSL) – No

The email can’t be sent to anyone using your Roadrunner email account, yet you can get emails in your account. The error is clear that your Roadrunner email account will not get any further email. This implies that the incoming server settings or server settings need to get fixed.

There are chances that when your Roadrunner email has been configured then some minor error with incoming email server settings. This needs to get fixed in order to get the incoming mails once again. You don’t need to worry as just updating the incoming email server settings will fix the issue.

We have the incoming and outgoing email settings for you which can be use to fix the issue. You just need call road runner sports corporate phone number to careful while using them.

IMAP settings

1. Account Type - IMAP

2. Incoming Mail Server -

3. Incoming Server IMAP port - 143

4. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) -

5. Outgoing Server SMTP port - 587

6. Inbound & Outbound User Name - Enter full email address

7. Inbound & Outbound Password - Email Password (same as Web Mail)

8. SMTP Server Requires Authentication - Checked

Once you update the settings, your Roadrunner email account will start getting emails if available there. Here you always make sure that there shouldn’t be any changes in the server settings to avoid any such error.

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