How to Follow Through On Big Ideas

I remember my first, really big idea. I saw its potential as a business almost from the beginning. It was something I wanted more than anything.

But no one in my family had ever done anything like it before. I didn't have support from within. I had no idea where to begin.

So I backed down from the idea, and put it away for another day.

Months went by. The idea kept popping up again and again. I started talking about it. I started doing a little research. I even mapped out some ideas.

But you see, when you're a relatively "unknown" in the marketplace, and you don't have the experience you think you might need, you tend to keep putting the idea aside for another time. You talk yourself out of it. And that's what I did, again and again.

But the idea never went away. I kept at it, doing a little more research, putting together a few more pieces to move it from concept to reality.

I eventually swallowed my nerves and did the things I was most afraid of. I took action that directly made an impact on getting my idea out there. Whether each action item worked or not, I learned. And I quit worrying about how it would make me look to others, and focused in on the end results instead.

And the outcomes were amazing.

Too often we get in our own way and allow our thoughts to control our actions. We can be our own worse enemies when it comes to moving forward in a big way.

The next time you find yourself saying no to your ideas out of fear of the unknown, try one of these steps instead.

Take Action
Taking action is one of the hardest things we can do. Action means putting ourselves out there, taking on the risk of letting our ideas be known. It's easy to say "I'll try it tomorrow," though in many cases "tomorrow" will never come. If you want to see if your big idea has merit, stick your neck out and do something with it. One little task each day can add up in a very short period of time.

Choose Wisely
Some people are idea people; I'm guilty. I can come up with ideas every day. The more ideas you come up with, the more they can lead you astray from the truly great ones. Always ask yourself if an idea will add to your potential or take potential away, especially if you are already working in a specific direction.

File It
Every idea has potential. And some times great ideas can mold and fit together and become even greater than before. With every idea you have, spend some time developing it to where you can see it in action. Then file it away for another day. Write it down in a journal, or keep it electronically in your favorite program. By reviewing your ideas every once in a while, you may see themes begin, and find ways of improving your big idea to even bigger potential.

Share It
An idea is only as good as its potential. Sometimes sharing it with others can give it the wings you never anticipated while thinking about it alone. Be selective with who you share it with, yet don't be afraid to reveal your strategies. Ask for the truth. Ask for improvements. Ask for input. Then listen and take action, bringing new people into the project when you can.

Evaluate and Try Again
Our lives are constantly changing. Who we are today changes all the time. What motivates us today can bore us tomorrow. And with that our big ideas can change as well. How can you mold them into something new? How can you morph what you currently have into something you would like to be? Evaluate hidden opportunities, and never be afraid to apply new things that stimulate and inspire you. The quicker you can recognize that, the easier you can respond to the potential all around you.