How to Follow Your Intuition in a Relationship

Being in a relationship can be hard for many reasons. Perhaps you were hurt in your previous relationship, and brought those resulting trust issues and insecurities into the new one; but identifying the fine line between triggers set off by emotional baggage and your intuition tends to be confusing because both can be felt in the pit of your stomach. 

As a psychic medium, you’d think it would be easy for me to navigate a relationship and effortlessly find the right companion. In fact, sometimes it’s the complete opposite—I can easily pick up lies. I’m like a human lie detector!

But in situations where you feel you might have been deceived, is confronting your significant other the right thing to do? Is it your responsibility to make sure you’re always told the truth? In the past, I’d always confront lies, but it became exhausting; there was rarely any acknowledgement on the other person’s part. I was always met with pure ego. The lies would just inflate until the point where the truth came out.

The lesson here is that we must all be patient and trust our intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, know that it’s probably because something isn’t right. Here’s how you can tap into your intuition, which is your best relationship guide.  

Know what intuition means

Many assume intuition and the classic "gut feeling" are the same thing, so understanding the difference is important. Intuition starts as a whisper, a feeling not necessarily felt in your belly, but your entire being. A gut feeling is the build-up of emotions located in the belly area. This feeling is very unique to each individual, as it's a manifestation of life experiences that create signals in the body. For example, if you were cheated on in the past, you may be sensitive to certain words and actions; so if a new partner says or does something that reminds you of your previous relationship, your gut will feel uneasy. The reality is, when there are unresolved feelings, you can easily be triggered. My advice here would be to deal with your emotional baggage before entering a new relationship.

Pay attention to body language

A person’s body can communicate so many messages, which can be detected both consciously and subconsciously. If you feel your partner doesn’t have your best interest at heart, check out their body language before confronting him or her. Someone who isn’t being honest can rarely stand with their hips toward you while telling a lie, and have trouble making eye contact. After lying, the body typically "freezes", or stiffens up, which indicates the person is hoping you believe their lie.

Open yourself up to your intuition

Our intuition is stronger than we think, but we have to make room for it by listening to its signals and taking them seriously. Making sure you have a strong relationship with yourself opens your spirit up to love. This makes romance so much better! After I learned to love myself, my romantic experiences have been mind-blowing, simply because the feelings are pure and I can feel love on another level. In the simplest of terms, loving yourself and welcoming that flow of positivity in all areas of your life make way for stillness, allowing your intuition to work wonders!


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