Freeze Your Pancakes Today, Thank Us Tomorrow

It's pure genius.

There's a reason that pancakes are more popular during the weekend: They take too long to make on a busy weekday morning. Who has time for measuring and whisking ingredients when there are jobs and stuff? Not many of us, that's for sure.

This sad fact is just one more reason we wish every day of the week were a Saturday or even a Sunday. Not because we don't want to work, but because we want more pancakes.

Photo credit: Home Cooking Memories

One clever lady, the author of the blog Home Cooking Memories, figured out a way to make our beloved pancakes possible any day of the week. It's simple, yet so smart. She makes a big batch over the weekend, and then she freezes them. Yes, pancakes freeze well. So do waffles, FYI.

Once frozen, all you have to do is pop a pancake in the microwave to bring it back to life (and serve with maple syrup of course). Ta-da! The work week just got infinitely better.

(We here at HuffPost Taste personally recommend reheating them in the toaster if you like a little extra crunch on the surface of your pancakes.)

Photo credit: Home Cooking Memories

Head on over to Home Cooking Memories for step-by-step instructions. You'll thank us tomorrow morning when you don't have to eat another plain yogurt for breakfast.

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