Freeze Your Leftover Wine Now, Thank Yourself Later (With Wine Slushies)

If you even have any ...

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Next time you find yourself with an open bottle of wine that you know you won’t finish, pull out the ice cube tray. Freezing wine in small servings is a great way to preserve wine for cooking at a later date. Or for turning into wine slushies when the mood should strike. (This is a seriously good idea.)

Red, white, rose or sparkling, all of these wines can be frozen into cubes ― even blue wine.

Freezing wine in ice cubes by The Art Of Doing Stuff
Freezing wine in ice cubes by The Art Of Doing Stuff

There are a couple of things you should know before freezing leftover wine. First, it’s a good idea to measure out the wine you pour into the ice cube trays. That way you have an idea of the serving per ice cube. Second, keep in mind that wine won’t freeze entirely. Don’t let this scare you. It will freeze firm enough to be moved to another container for storage, but won’t be as solid as regular ice. Third, when you’re ready to cook ― or cocktail ― you can use if straight from frozen.

Need further instruction? Head on over to The Art Of Doing Stuff to see how it’s done.

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