How to Get a Manicure to Last 5 Weeks (Yes, Really)

If your manicures never seem to last, we have good news.

I hate getting manicures. Scratch that—I love the experience: choosing a color, the always-too-brief massage, the resulting fancy hands. But the minute I do anything strenuous, like getting change out of my wallet, the chipping begins. Spending time and money on polish that will barely outlast a few trips to the grocery store? I figured I just wasn’t meant to have elegant paws.

But there’s a new kid on the beauty block: the dip-powder manicure, which involves minimal application time and can last up to—wait for it...and wait...and wait—five weeks. That crazy news got me in the chair fast. The process: A technician from Revel Nail filed my nails and painted them with a gluelike base. Then he dipped each nail into a silky, ruby-colored powder before flicking off the excess with a small brush. The final step: two types of topcoat, which dried in under a minute. The nails were so richly glossy, they looked like delicious little candies on the ends of my fingers. And several weeks later, they’re so chipless and pristine, I could pass for a woman who’s never interacted with dish soap.



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