How to Get And Keep Great Employees


Via Business Daily

"I've decided to explore other career opportunities," is a common phrase that continues to be echoed throughout boardrooms across America. Employees are becoming stagnant, unhappy and overall over-utilized and are looking for the next opportunity to present their 2 weeks' notice.

According to recent reports the loyalty of individuals to companies is steadily declining. The average employee is only at a workplace for an estimated 4.4 years and by the age of 66 the average American who began work at 18 will most likely have had over 10 jobs. So not only is employee retainment an issue so is employee recruitment.

Practically every human resources director in America can agree that one of the greatest ways to grow your organization is through employee referrals. Employees referrals often come from highly satisfied employees. So if you want great referrals you must understand how to keep your employees. On the flip side of things if you are interested in keeping your employees for a long period of time you must continue to create ways that will not only keep stresses at a minimal but will promote overall happiness for employees while on the job.

Onsite Spas

"When I get stressed out I just go to the spa and get a massage," is a water cooler conversation some lucky Americans have been granted the opportunity to have because their employer has set up a spa for their employees. Unbelievable? It shouldn't be. Top companies often reach that level of greatness because they are willing to take care of their employees by any means necessary. This means making sure that your employees stress stays low. In fact, many studies have proven that massages and other related spa resources contribute greatly to helping those who are stressed out. They have been proven to help release tensions and promote holistic healing.

Fitness Benefits

There is no better way to relieve stress than an old fashion sweat session. Many employers offer gym memberships or even onsite gyms to aid in healthy lifestyles.

Free or Reduced Childcare

If you are a working mom or dad it can challenging and stressful to find care for your little one. In an attempt to eliminate that challenge and stress may companies choose to offer nearby or onsite childcare for children of their employees.

Partially or Fully Funded Healthcare

No one plans to get sick but let's face it, it happens and it is practically always unexpected. Those employers who have great healthcare are far less likely to have attendance problems stemming from health related issues.

Counseling/Therapy Resources

64% of employees have suffered from either burn out or a nervous breakdown at some point in their career. An additional 43% of people have reported having to take medicine or seek medical attention do the stress of a job. . While most post may never utilize these therapy resources making them available provides a safe haven and refuge that employees always have the option to go to.