'How To Get Away With Murder' Recap: Students Over Lovers

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - 'She's A Murderer' - A shocking discovery in Sam's case changes everything for Annalise and the
HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - 'She's A Murderer' - A shocking discovery in Sam's case changes everything for Annalise and the students, on 'How to Get Away with Murder,' THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (Mitchell Haaseth/ABC via Getty Images)

Child abuse. Sibling incest. Relationship lies. The mob. Utter betrayal. And a charred body.

And we still have one more episode until the season finale. This show does not stop.

We open this week with Annalise Keating deciding the best way to react to the news of her husband's murder is to teach her class, take on a case, and call the guy she was having an affair with. Until the last ten minutes, it seemed clear the great professor had cracked. But ye of little faith: Annalise Keating does not crack; Annalise Keating finds a way.

While the "rat pack" all gathers in Wes' apartment to freak out after the cops find the body (why don't these kids ever hang out at one of their nicer apartments?), Annalise and Hannah are informed of the discovery by the least authoritative cops of all time. Hannah doesn't take the news well, and Annalise -- well Annalise doesn't react. So Hannah starts yelping about how Annalise did it, and this episode is beginning to look very dark indeed.

Annalise decides she's going to do a few things that don't help her case: she calls Nate (strike one), doesn't cooperate with the police (strike two), decides to go teach a class where she advocates for not telling the cops anything (strike three), and gets back to work on a case (do we get strike fours? Apparently).

Meanwhile Hannah heads to the police and sees the awful photos of her brother's charred body. While the photos weren't quite as bad as the infamous Lila Stangard autopsy, they serve as a good reminder that these kids killed someone, burned him, and cut up the body. And while we want them to get away with it, it's still necessary to realize every once in a while that they KILLED someone.

While the kids get back to investigating the case of the week, Wes has more important things to do: finally look into the mysterious disappearance of Rudy Walters, the crazy kid who lived in Wes' apartment before him. Only took Wes all season of tracing the guy's scratches in the walls, but okay. Wes confronts Rebecca after finding out she may know more about Rudy's disappearance than she says, but she successfully evades. Could we have another murder (or a murderess) on our hands? We still know next to nothing about Rebecca's backstory.

Back at the house of death, Bonnie is sent to get a warrant for the police to search Annalise's house revoked and spectacularly fails (we expect more out of Paris Gellar, but she comes up in a big way later in the episode).

The harrowing search of Annalise's house turns up nothing. No blood, no murder weapon (which is in plain sight), no evidence. WHAT? Isn't it impossible to clean up that much blood? How did none of the blood in the bathroom turn up? Are these the worst CSI guys ever?

Meanwhile, the rat pack is chilling outside, about ready to tear their hair out because they think they're about to get caught (which is completely reasonable considering the state they left that house).

Connor eventually gets called into Annalise's office after she overhears him telling the others she's going to get them caught. She calls them both "worriers" who are willing to sleep for what they want. If I'm Connor, I'm not loving the comparison to my crazy professor with the worst life ever just about now.

Annalise calls Nate again on a burner phone for his emotional support. Is he really this stupid or smitten to be talking to someone being investigated for a murder? Back to the case of the week, and Annalise successfully defends the mob and takes down the federal prosecutor. She seems to regain the bounce in her step with a proper trouncing under her belt.

At the house, Bonnie -- who officially is the best -- figures out the kids killed Sam with the trophy in the foyer (yes, this is a television show based off of Clue). She argues Annalise throw her students under the bus, pronto.

After a few shots of vodka, Annalise makes the call: her students or her?

Turns out it's more like her students or Nate. Apparently, these kids trump her lover with that insane six-pack. Turns out she had Frank plant Sam's wedding ring, complete with Nate's fingerprint, in the woods with the body.

HOW could Annalise do that to Nate? Does Nate know? And doesn't he know the kids were in the house that night? He gave Rebecca the idea to go over there after all. And why was he so calm when he was arrested? Could he be in on it? Or just playing Annalise this whole time as revenge for destroying his career and his marriage?

We only have two more nights of this crazy ride left this season, and I'd put money on someone else dying before the end of the show. Whose murder will the gang need to get away with next?

Odds and Ends
  • Frank's "rat pack" is the best name ever for the troublesome student crew.
  • "Our boss would be a better killer than that yo" -- once again Asher with the winning line of the night.
  • What kind of child abuse did Annalise suffer? And did Hannah really commit incest with Sam?
  • When did it become okay for Asher to call Annalise AK?
  • The blue dress and suede heel combo is mighty fine Annalise, mighty fine.
  • Can Laurel and Frank just get together already? Their chemistry is undeniable.
  • Scarlet A for Annalise has so many loaded meanings.
  • So they haven't found Michaela's ring yet...it's so going to come back to haunt her.
  • Wes continues to wear plaid in every scene.
  • We still don't know for sure who killed Lila.
  • My money's on Asher or Bonnie dying in the finale.
  • How crazy do we think Annalise's mother is going to be?

"How to Get Away With Murder" airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.