All Hell Is About To Break Loose On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

After this week's episode, one can only imagine what's to come on the midseason finale.

Spoilers obviously abound below for Season 2, Episode 8 of "How to Get Away with Murder," "Hi, I'm Philip."

Thursday night's "How to Get Away with Murder" felt like a bit of a letdown. Connor wasn't killed, everybody got together with their crushes, Annalise saved the day with her clients, even Asher had a few wins -- everything seemed neatly tied up. But then it hit us: next week is the midseason finale, and all hell is about to break loose.

From the get-go, we'll confess to not being all that enthralled this season with the Hapstall case. We simply care more about our characters' day-to-day lives, and a case of the week seems to be a better fit for the show. But this week, we finally got somewhere on the case that has consumed the first half of the season. We have creepy Philip, who acts all innocent but also broke into Connor and Oliver's apartment. That should have been our first sign. For a bit of this episode, Annalise and Co. are afraid he'll bust them for hacking, but turns out he is a product of incest between the Hapstall dad and aunt, and probably killed the Hapstall parents plus his mom, so the group is safe from that aspect. (Yes, the child of incest killed his biological parents and his father's wife. We know, it's a lot.)

We get bogged down in a bunch of plea deal bargaining this episode, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the end. Catherine Hapstall, who claims she's innocent, almost takes a plea deal after her brother tried to do the same to save her. Frank actually saves the day by coming up with the DNA evidence pinning Philip to the scene, which he paid $50,000 for. Better question -- where did this pile of money Frank have in his closet come from? We know it was used in the Rebecca deception, but whose money is it?

And yet, the end of the episode finds us looking at the murder weapon in the Hapstall house, and Wes figuring out Catherine and Philip are in it together. Say what? If Catherine was innocent, why is she in on this with Philip? Or could Caleb be behind all of this all along and framing the two of them? Also, can we talk about how unromantic it is to break up your get-together with Michaela to show her a dusty gun that may or may not have killed your parents?

As for the rest of the episode, the only other major development was the Nate and Annalise reunion. We have to confess -- we momentarily forgot how hot Nate is. Shame on us. And good for Annalise for saying she's only in if he's all in. Although honestly Nate, if we were you, we'd run, but we get that Annalise is magnetic.

Which leaves us to the question of how in the world is there going to be a midseason finale next week? How do all these people go from basically five minutes of hot hookups with their lovers to all wanting Annalise dead?

A few theories for everyone:

  • The most obvious suspect is Bonnie, who was MIA off in crazyland this episode and has said she wants Annalise dead. We also think we saw her kill the DA in last episode's flashback, and she's been known to kill girls with plastic bags, so she really has no qualms about this whole murder thing. But because she's so obvious, don't you think it won't be her?
  • Other obvious suspects include the Hapstall twins and Philip. All three could want Annalise dead to cover up their crimes, but it doesn't make sense that the group of kids and Bonnie and Frank would cover for their clients.
  • Nate could be playing the long game, and be sleeping with Annalise to catch her off guard. Or he could find something out about her that would finally cause him to wise up and realize she's toxic for him.
  • Wes is our real bet for the killer. He's holding the gun when Annalise appears to be shot, and has some real unresolved issues with her and Rebecca (since he thinks she, you know, killed her). And really, Annalise wouldn't turn him in when she eventually recovers (since no way she dies, right?) because he's probably her son.
  • Frank appears to be upset with Annalise meddling in his life, was happy as a clam when she was hospitalized, and has a suitcase full of money to make a run for it. He's also murdered before.
  • Michaela could try to kill Annalise to protect her newfound lover Caleb, but that all seems a bit fast a bit too soon.
  • Laurel doesn't appear to have any motives for wanting Annalise dead, unless Annalise says something derogatory that's family-related, but that seems like a stretch.
  • Connor, with Oliver safe, doesn't seem to be a prime suspect for this. But then again, if something happens to Oliver ...
  • We don't think Asher could be behind it, unless he pushed Annalise in front of the bullets that Wes meant to shoot at Bonnie because she killed Rebecca. 
  • Or could Annalise be to blame? Could she have jumped in front of the bullets meant for someone else? For Bonnie, who she appears to love despite the hate and who Wes would have a motive to shoot? (This ties with Wes shooting Annalise on purpose as our top theory.) 

Just remember folks -- everyone got with everyone, and all seems well, but that just means next episode we'll all be left screaming at our TV screens. And there will probably be a few more dead bodies, because it's a midseason finale of "How to Get Away with Murder." 

Odds and Ends

  • Frank cooking is pretty darn great.
  • Finally, Michaela and Caleb got together.
  • Is the gun in flashforwards the one from the mansion? Or the one that Wes has from Levi?
  • Glad to see Asher got a few wins this episode. And had that crazy dance move scene. 
  • Wes finally got back on the solving-all-cases horse with the final photo realization.
  • Can you break into empty law school lecture halls like that at night?
  • And really, the most important one of all: Is Cicely Tyson coming back to the show? Because that would be the best news ever.

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