We're Still Reeling After 'How To Get Away With Murder' Pulled A 'Game Of Thrones' Thursday Night

Who hurt you, Shonda Rhimes? WHO?

We hope you’re sitting down. 

If you’d lost interest in “How To Get Away With Murder” over the last season or two amid the spinning cheerleaders, dizzying flashbacks, flash forwards and those incestuous siblings who ruined Season 2, we forgive you. Things got pretty convoluted there.

But the ABC drama delivered one of its finest hours on Thursday night when it was finally revealed who was under the sheet and found dead in the fire that destroyed Annalise Keating’s home. 

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the midseason finale of “HTGAWM” titled “Who’s Dead?”

The tragic life of law student Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) was cut short in Thursday night’s episode when his half-burned body was found in the fire during the closing moments of the midseason finale. No, seriously. Like Two-Face-Harvey-Dent-style kind of burned. 

This marks the most major death on the series to date since Annalise’s husband Sam was killed in Season 1. “HTGAWM” was always twisty, but we never expected them to off one of the main characters in such a gruesome fashion.

The audience was led to believe Wes was alive and well just two episodes before when we flashed forward to him seemingly selling Annalise out to detectives who were hellbent on pinning a murder on the law professor. But “HTGAWM” has always skillfully used time as disorienting plot device and revealed that this exchange occurred before the fire. 

To make matters even worse, we discovered Wes had been killed prior to the explosion, setting up a whole new mystery for the back half of Season 3. 

Oh, puppy, we hardly knew you. 


Fans promptly freaked out on social media to express their varying degrees of shook-ness after Shondaland claimed another beloved character to roam the TV afterlife with McDreamy and the rest of the “Grey’s Anatomy” cast. 

“How To Get Away With Murder” returns Jan. 19.



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