'How To Get Away With Murder' Set Up Quite The Season Finale In Its Penultimate Episode

Bombshell after bombshell.

Spoilers obviously abound for Season 2, Episode 14 of "How to Get Away with Murder," "There's My Baby."

So this was an incredible episode, featuring a crazy hookup, the final story of what happened to Annalise's baby and a daddy reveal out of nowhere. But what we're most excited about is the return of Cicely Tyson. BEST. ENDING. EVER.

The season finale promises two more dead bodies and, of course, lots more from our favorite murdering mama, Tyson. Buckle up for this season to go out on a high note.

Back to the insane lead-up, where we finally find out what happened to Annalise's baby (although we kind of figured he probably didn't make it since there isn't a 10-year-old running around).

We start off the episode with Annalise managing to get away from Philip rather fast. This woman has nine lives -- she's been shot, hit by a car, drinks vodka like water, and now escaped from the grasp of a serial killer. Anyways, she gets away and then Philip somehow snatches Caleb, or at least that's the theory as Caleb is missing.

We would be more worried about Caleb, who Michaela seemed rather attached to, if we weren't totally blown away by the fact that Michaela and Asher hooked up.

Got to say, that came so far out of left field that we love it. And it seems like the unexpectedness of it makes them love it to. Might as well have one happy couple besides Connor and Oliver.

Speaking of unhappy couples, Eve and Nate bickering over Annalise's safety is rather entertaining. Also, we just keep thinking Eve's going to go full Storm on him.

Back to reality, the ADA talks to each of the kids about the footage Annalise gave him of them running away from the Hapstalls house. They all rock it except for Asher, but Bonnie covers for him. The best part of this showdown is the lesson learned: Maybe these murdering kids will be great lawyers, they're just not good people.

As for their minders, Frank and Bonnie's budding friendship takes a turn as Bonnie blames Frank for ALL OF THIS. Too bad they couldn't bond more over both being, you know, MURDERERS.

Back to the big room, Asher is adorable for apologizing for killing someone to the group, taking the blame for the mess they're all in. We almost feel sorry for him. This show makes us twisted. Bonnie's got it right: "We're all bad people, that's the only thing we have in common." But we still love you, you murdering kids.

In the flashbacks, we learn Frank got lucky with the ladies long ago and used to be Sam's favorite since he apparently rescued him from the "gutter," according to Annalise. Guess this is the show attempting to explain why Frank would kill Lila for Sam. Hope we learn a bit more about those motivations next week, as this is not nearly a good enough reason yet. 

Back to Wes' mother Rose. So Annalise decides to do the right thing and go to the police so they don't charge Wes with her murder, since she blames herself for the woman's suicide. And then gets on the phone in her car. Shondaland is devoted to devastating fans everywhere with tragic car accidents with phones. Just killing us every time, and reminding us -- thumbs on the wheel.

We get a momentary scene of levity in the present after a drunk Annalise kicks the kids out of her house, and they go get rather drunk themselves at a bar. (The group partying is probably the closest thing to reality on this show, because it's a bunch of law students blowing off steam and dancing like crazy.)

Then we're faced with the devastating flashback to 10 years ago, post-car accident. Annalise holding her baby, who died as a result of trauma in the car accident, is possibly the saddest thing we've seen on this show. And we've seen a lot.

But then we're hit with the double whammy of her taking accountability for Wes' mother's suicide and screaming at a nurse to take her dead child away. Annalise's comments about being broken make a heckuva lot more sense now. In that one scene, we basically saw her marriage fracture and Annalise harden herself as the workaholic we know today.

But her weakness, as she and Bonnie identified this episode, is still Wes. And it's led to her husband's death and all kinds of other shenanigans. But she still feels responsible, and will protect him -- until she tells him who his real father is.

As for that bombshell -- it's really not entirely out of left field. It's clear Wallace is a bad, bad guy, and he had a lot of hold over Rose. It's also clear how despicable the man is for not offering Wes a cent, considering his enormous wealth and how he caused his mother's suicide.  

The news will also most certainly lead Wes to question what he considers his "dark" nature that led him to believe he could have killed his mother, and whether that's hereditary.

But the BIGGER bombshell is the Frank sellout by a very, very drunk Laurel.

All hell is coming home to roost as Annalise now knows Frank killed Lila. Could he be one of the bodies in the next episode?

Honestly, we just can't wait for some more Cicely Tyson. Because with her return, everybody's in for it next week. 

Till the season finale next week, folks!

Odds and Ends

  • It'd been too long since we'd seen Annalise with a drink.

  • Watching Bonnie fall in love with now-dead Sam is brutal.

  • Floral was a great couple name (Flaurel?).

  • This group partying is great. 

  • Michaela joins Asher in the bad dancing department. And it's adorable.

  • We called Wes and Laurel for weeks. Just saying. It better really happen.

  • Eve was so sad and alone all episode, and then it looked like Annalise was finally going to New York. But no, she came home to her mama. Eve loses, again.

  • Bonnie had a rough episode -- she confronted her partner in crime, Frank, and her boss for her drinking/Wes favoritism. Could she snap in the finale?

  • The Oliver quitting his job bombshell is proof that he's brought down by this murderous group. Save yourself, Oliver!



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