How To Get Booked On The World's Top Stages

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I have been in the professional speaking industry for over two decades. You sometimes start to feel like you have seen it all, I have been on stages all over the world. I have to say, last year, I had an experience that was not only new and different, it was life-changing, as a speaker.

I was invited by a colleague of mine Mitch Carson and Ernesto Verdugo to a program called Speak In Dubai. This program brought together 37 speakers from all over the world with varying topics. The 6 days experience consisted of media training, professional photo shoots, television appearances, radio appearances and even being featured in a published magazine.

Essentially, as a professional speaker, you leave the experience with an arsenal of media assets to allow you to open doors to new experiences that otherwise would have not been possible.

The most surprising part about the program was the receptiveness of the community at the speaking engagements. They were all so hungry for information and to learn about these new topics. Many of the attendees were able to book future engagements and consulting business.

All in all, I would give this a “must do” if you are in the speaking industry. The next event happens in November and if you would like to find out more information on how to attend, simply e-mail me at:

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