How To Get Into New York Museums For Free

How To Get Into NY Museums For Free

To say that New York is a hub of culture is a gross understatement. From MoMA to the Met and from the Museum of Sex to the Cloisters, New York's cultural landscape is among the richest in the world.

It is also among the most expensive with entry fees into some museums upwards of $20. With the help of a new website, though, locals and visitors to the city can plan their artistic itinerary around special times when the museum is free.

I Heart NY Museums, in beta now, provides a chart of the museums in New York with recommended times to find free entry, "suggested" fee hours, and the best times to go when there are regular fees. Sort the list whichever way you please - high to low fee prices, days of the week, museum names, Yelp info, and addresses can all be used to sort your results and plan your day at the museum.

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