How To Get Laid Like A Rock Star

If you are a female all you need do is leave the house. You will likely get picked up on your way to the bar. All that nonsense about face paint and trendy clothes is lost on the heterosexual male. Just say, 'Yes'. It's that easy.

I have the opportunity to speak with a multitude of musicians as I can pose as the press, and amongst the biographical questions I always drop in some research to add to the Large Animal Research Station. For example, how to pick up chicks like a rock star. The musicians laugh and tell me they can have whomever they want, from the pool of those who want them. Which makes them rather like females. In that they do the choosing. Consequently they are very confident with females.

If you get on stage and you can play an instrument or sing a song you will get laid. Next sub-issue is the ratio of your talent and your looks which determine the quality you get to pick from. But there'll be someone!

Unless you know some tricks, such as how to be extremely rich, as a regular fellow not onstage or overtly displaying talents your chances of getting laid are close to zero. Minimally helpful suggestions are; offer to buy her something, very important is that you don't talk too much, ask questions, tell her she's interesting. Yes, it's time consuming for the average male.

Or learn how to play an instrument and get on stage. Then you'll do the choosing. On a biological level what is happening is the transmission of good vibes which gets everyone's peptides ablaze. This misunderstood transaction of energy is a known quantity in the world of psychiatry where the patient becomes besotted with their doctor. It's called 'transference'. It even has a name.

Dudes, it's worth a try, please buy yourself a guitar and wear it for an accessory and see if I'm not right on this one.