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How To Get Laser Hair Removal Paid For By Insurance

Getting your laser hair removal covered by insurance will depend very much on your doctor and how understanding they are with your appearance issues.
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Before you start salivating at the mouth, hoping this blog is gonna show you to the pearly gates of free laser hair removal, let me be real with you:

Getting insurance to pay for laser hair removal is damn near impossible.

Because the procedure is considered cosmetic and medically unnecessary, you will very likely be left with a hefty bill.

However, I've come across forums, blogs and stories of folks getting their laser hair removal covered by insurance. And they had one factor in common:

"Their excessive unwanted hair is caused by a medical condition that is effecting them physically, meaning, their daily, normal functions are compromised."

And I came across several instances of folks asking if having laser hair removal can be covered as a tax write off was possible even if it was medically allowed but still not covered by health insurance.

According to the IRS, folks (living in the U.S.) cannot write off these services (or many medical services) either if these expenses are not more than 10% of your annual income. Get more information on that on the IRS website.

So, you're still left in the hairy dust.

However, miracles do happen! Doctors who truly understand the struggle of not feeling or looking feminine are more likely to help you correct your appearance.

Now, I can guarantee you they won't help if you're lazy and just don't want to shave your legs. But they may be willing to bend the rules if you have some serious tested and proven hormonal problems.

Ultimately, getting your laser hair removal covered by insurance will depend very much on your doctor and how understanding they are with your appearance issues.

Here are some tips folks have taken to get the elusive procedure covered by insurance.

Have your doctor argue the case. Unwanted hair can be a bane for many women, especially teenage girls still trying to understand their hormones. Excessive hair can begin due to hormonal imbalance from conditions like PCOS, diabetes, weight gain, thyroid problems, or even certain types of cancers. In addition to excessive hair, these conditions could truly cause more physical problems for you that a doctor could argue much better than you. He or she could bill the right code to the insurance company and provide reasoning for their decision as oppose to you simply being sick of shaving every other day. So, if you're in good graces with your doc, ask them to fight the good fight with insurance for you. It could happen in your favor!

Visit doctors who perform laser hair removal in their offices. I've found that doctors who perform cosmetic procedures in their office are far more sympathetic of their patients' self-image issues. They may be more likely to fight your case more effectively. And even if they are unable to get your laser hair removal covered by insurance, they're more likely to offer generous discounts and payment plans for you.

Get to a doctor while you're a kid! I want to apologize to the 30+ crowd of ladies who are pulling at their chin hairs write now, cursing me over that subtitle. But it's true. If a teenage loved one is experiencing excessive body hair, a doctor would be more willing to correct the issue. Teenagers are very prone to self-esteem problems because of their looks. Mental disorders like depression and anxiety are to be expected if a doctor notices a young girl with a 5 'o clock shadow and they may be more willing to bend the insurance rules to help that kid out.

Is a necessary medication causing your excessive body hair? It's not impossible that a medication is causing the testosterone in your body to start raging. Some steroidal medications and hormonal therapies could adversely cause you to start looking like a bear cub. And if the medication is necessary, and stopping the regimen could put your health at risk, a doctor could order for the laser hair removal to be performed on you pro bono. But it's more likely he or she'll try to find an alternative medication that does not cause the adverse side effects.

If all else fails, get special financing. The first time I got laser hair removal, I was broke and still in college. But I was bound and determined not to spend another day as a hairy beast! The medical spa where I got my treatments offered special financing through CareCredit. This company is premiere in offering lines of credit for cosmetic medical procedures. Another credit company I currently use is Comenity, which offers financing on everything, but is very popular with laser hair removal companies like Premier Laser Spa. And if the interest rates or contracts of CareCredit or Comenity are not to your liking, considering opening a credit card strictly for funding and paying off your laser hair removal treatments. It would be a crying shame have flawless skin but hella debt!

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