How To Get Nail Polish Out Of ANYthing

Don't sweat the spills. 💅😱

Nail polish has a way of staining everything, from carpet to clothes to the gritty grout between bathroom tiles. (Turns out "I'm gonna paint my nails really fast" more often means "Oops, I spilled the whole bottle." UGH.)

But never fear, because there are tricks to get nail polish out of pretty much any surface ... and they're surprisingly easy, if you have the right ingredients. Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr recommends stocking up on two simple tools: Liquid stain remover (like the kind you'll find on Amazon or at hardware stores) and a Magic Eraser (also online, or at a grocery store). Together, they'll solve all your nail polish stain woes.

Jessica Kane

Sometimes, the biggest challenge is getting nail polish off your actual nails. Try this trick for gel nail polish:

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