5 Ways To Have Fun -- Yes, Fun -- While Divorcing

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It's a bold claim, but clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg says she found ways to make the divorce experience "almost fun."

"Did I just say fun?" she joked. "I guess I did. Throughout the divorce year I held tight to the hope that life would improve and become more vibrant as the days passed."

Below, the HuffPost blogger shares five things that reassured her life was still good during her divorce.

The Food
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"Every Friday night I would get Chinese food and then engage in my stealth operation to get over my ex. What did it involve? I would go get a stack of gossip magazines and go home and read them until I could no longer keep my eyes open. Oh, the pleasure of escapism!"
The Distraction
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"I worked out like it was nobody's business and I bought lots of cool clothes. Hey, if I was going to take such good care of my body I should dress it nicely, right?"
The Song
"I loved dancing in my own private and joyous way to Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun.' Hey, who doesn't dance and sing privately to get through the rough times? It was so upbeat. By the way, I would be horrified if any of the neighbors saw me doing my little exuberant dance."
The Splurge
Barbara Greenberg
"I splurged all right but not to the point where it destroyed my budget. You see, my friend owns a jewelry store where she sells fabulous costume jewelry. At least once a month I would purchase all sorts of baubles like funky earrings, unusual necklaces and assorted other statement pieces. It was so much fun, I think I'll keep doing it for a long time. I love to wear jewelry that makes wonderful jingly sounds as you move around. You should try it."
The Saying
"My daughter Amanda bought me a magnet with the saying 'Whatever you can imagine is real.' That sweet girl always seems to get things right. Every single day I looked at that saying and imagined a brighter and happier life. And, yes now I am living it."

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