How To Get Over Rejection (And Your Ex) In 3 Minutes

Sensible, heartening advice.

When your partner leaves you, getting over the heartbreak can feel like an impossible task.

What you may need to process the pain is a change in perspective, philosopher Alain de Botton says in a new illustrated video from The School of Life.

"Don't attempt to minimize what's happened," he says. "Being brave has no place here. Allow your sadness so much room, so much time, so many melancholic songs, hot baths and indulgent meals, you eventually bore yourself back into an appetite for life."

Once you've acknowledged your sadness and had some good cries, try not to blame your ex too harshly for the breakup.

"It isn't a question of them not trying hard enough," de Botton says. "Remove morality from it. They were not being bad for not loving nor were you good for wanting them. You were both on a search for pleasure that took you on different and conflicting routes."

Watch the video above for more tips for moving on once and for all.

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