How to Get Radio Interviews for Your Book

Finally. You've finished writing your epic literary masterpiece.

Whether that's another zombie apocalyptic saga or this century's most innovative marketing guide, does not matter. What matters is that you've done a bang up job -- and that you need everyone else to know about it.

So how do you go about promoting your book?

One effective strategy would be to invest time and effort in marketing it online. This means creating a website, blog, or social media account for your book to get the word out to the web community -- and that's a pretty big community.

You'll want to make an attractive and powerful site so that you get more traffic; more traffic means higher rankings on search engines, which means more people checking out your book.

Another effective strategy, which is still pretty relevant today, is to get your book on radio.

Here's how to get radio interviews for your book today:

Create an event for your book.
Think beyond the book launch party. Maybe it's Mother's Day or Earth Day and your book happens to be about either events. Your book event could hitch on the annual celebrations. With the recognizable and national celebrations, you could get more people to come to your event.

You can ask radio stations in your neck of the woods to do remote broadcasts. They can interview you on-site or they could just cover the event and schedule you for an interview at the station. Here's a tip: Try to tailor your event concept to the brand of the radio station you want to get on.

Get a contest going.
Radio stations love contests. They not only get listeners to participate in the broadcast but they also drum up more listeners -- especially when you've got spectacular prizes.

Generate intrigue, interest, or hype.
It will be cheap when you do it online. Try shooting a really cool book trailer and then send it out to all the relevant sites before your book launch.

If you want some inspiration, look up James Franco's awesome trailer on his debut novel, Actors Anonymous.

The most captivating and intriguing book trailers will get you more interest for your book -- and radio stations may just come a-calling for that interview.

Build up your authority.
Authors who have built up their authority will become the go-to sources for stories, and not just on radio.

If you have carefully developed your expert status (online and offline), whether it's on zombie survival or mobile marketing, you will get requests from high profile radio stations for your opinion on certain subjects and for interviews about your next book project.

A good way to develop authority as an author is to have your book become a best seller. Now with Amazon updating their best seller list every hour, its easier than ever.

We did a podcast episode about how to do this yourself. Listen to it here.