How To Get Rich: Actual Advice From YouTube's Cheesiest 'Experts' (VIDEO)

If you want to get rich fast, YouTube isn't the place to learn how to do it.

But that hasn't stopped hundreds of self-described experts from posting videos describing just how "easy" it is to make a million dollars.

Here's some actual moneymaking advice offered by YouTube user teamturner1: "It's very easy to be a millionaire. All you have to do is sell something at $1 profit, and sell a million of them." (Why did no one think of this before!?!)

As part of our series of mashups on "online experts," we present this short compilation of the best moments from YouTube's cheesiest "How To Get Rich" videos.

Click the video above to watch, and leave a comment to tell us if we missed a classic clip of a YouTuber's advice on how to become wealthy overnight.

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