How To Get The Best In Your Next Auto Transport

Aside from the fact that transportation is one of the basic human needs, it’s also a means of conveyance for goods, passengers or commercial enterprises to explore their product to different destination.

While there are so many modes of transportation, transportation by road has been identified to be the most common because of its high flexibility. And the most common road transport means in the developed world is the automobile.

A recent survey by automotive trade journal predicts that, come 2035 there would be more than 2 billion vehicles moving around the world. People buy new vehicles everyday (for personal and commercial use,) people relocate everyday, and people exchange vehicles as well. This has doubled the demand for auto transportation services and the supply hasn’t remained the same.

With thousands of auto shipping companies and vehicle transportation brokers, striving hard to get customers to their side, you cannot therefore afford to spend so much of your company’s fund on your next shipping order. Although, auto transport experts advices that you spend quality money on shipping your company’s vehicle in order to ensure you get standard service, optimum security as well as a timely delivery of your order.

But this does not mean you can not get the best standard deal at a well negotiated rate!

I hereby bring to you, 5 effective steps to get the best deal in your next vehicle shipping process.

1. Understand the process of auto transportation

What exactly is auto shipping?

The most common mistake private and public brand owners make is they fail to dig deep into what auto transportation is all about before booking an order to transport their company’s vehicle.

If you want to get the best deal in your auto transportation experience, understanding the process of auto transportation is key!

Speaking of, there are several factors that will determine the amount you pay for a particular shipping process. Some of which are - the weight of your vehicle, the type of vehicle (classic or model,) the means of transportation, just to mention a few.

In addition, here are 3 primary types of shiping you can use.

  • Uncovered transporting: This method is the most common and cheapest of all. You tend to transport your vehicle in a open truck, while it’s exposed to the influence of external objects.
  • Covered transporting: This process is more expensive than the first, because it involves an enclosed transportation of your vehicles, with a metal covered carrier. Damages are reduced in this means as the vehicles are sectioned out and covered in the cabinet.
  • Solo transportation: This type of auto transportation involves only one vehicle in a carrier. Directly meaning, you’ll pay for the whole carrier to deliver your order, while only your vehicle is being shipped. This mode of shipping is always employed when shipping highly classic cars or heavy duty/large main vehicles.

2. Establish A Target Value

After you have rolled down your long list of awesome service providers, it’s time to establish a target value for your deal.

Your target should be getting a great service at an affordable rate, which is based on your pocket value. However, if your target is cut-priced, the delivery service might not guarantee your target as priority.

3. Hunt for awesome auto transport service providers

While there are some frustrating auto shipping companies, there are still yet more than a few with awesome services and quality delivery.

The internet has actually made the process of hunting for awesome auto transport service providers very easy.

Here are additional tips to choose an auto transport company:

  • Send real time on the company's websites surfing and reading what it has to offer.
  • Don’t be enticed with a low price, quality things demand higher price.
  • Make research on the company you are ordering from.

4. Study the season

The price an auto transportation company would charge for shipping vehicle order also depends on the workloads of the truck drivers. Meanwhile, traffic gets tightened during specific seasons as well as some festive periods, thereby increasing the workload of the drivers.

So, before you ship your next company/personal vehicle, it is advisable to study the season. Basically, you’ll be able to negotiate a better discount on your order during the winter months as the traffic and workloads of drivers is reduced.

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