How to Get the Right Nutrients for Your Body?

How to Get the Right Nutrients for Your Body?
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Nutrition is the most important factor that brings a healthy life. Unlike the conventional way of thinking, nutrients can affect mental health, not just your body. If you do not have the knowledge about nutrition, you will find it difficult to achieve a beautiful and healthy body.

Nutrients help the body through the healing process

To learn about the importance of nutrition, we need to understand its role in the healing of wounds on the body.

Obviously, none of us feels good if there is wound in our body. What you care about is how to make the wound healed fast and as painlessly as possible. On the other hand, you need to understand that the healing process is really happening inside but not outside the body. In other words, the nutrients inside your body will decide whether the healing process is going to take place faster or slower, not medicine or external support measures.

So you need to make sure your body is always full of nutrients whether you are dieting or not.

Six groups of nutrients

Based on the elements that form our body, there are six groups of nutrients which are necessary for the body, including water, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

These nutrients are present in most regular meals. Knowing and splitting them into six groups of nutrients will help you better control the amount of food absorbed by the body and you'll know what you need to eat to achieve complete nutrients in a day.

What should you eat?

Your body needs fats. They include DHA, EPA and ALA. Especially, DHA and EPA are two kinds of fat your body cannot produce but absorb from external food sources. You need to make sure in your everyday diet there are enough three types of fat though we do not need them so much.

And to be able to have all those fats, you need to give your body a source of high-quality protein from organic meats, eggs and wild fish. How do I know how much protein you need? Quite simply, our bodies need 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you weigh 60 kg, you need 60 grams of protein per day, no more, but it is a necessity.

Also, you need a lot of dietary fibre carbs because they act as a prebiotic for beneficial bacteria and are converted into short chain fats to provide energy to cells.

Why should you eat more fruit?

Fruit is an abundant supply of vitamins. Although fruit contains a lot of sugar, but at the same time, they also have a lot of fibre and various nutrients.

Why does fibre in fruits play an important role? Fibre which is present in fruits will help your blood sugar level do not rise abruptly although fruits contain sugar. This is different than a can of soda you drink because your blood sugar level will rise suddenly with the sugar in the soda drink and it’s very hard for your body to regulate blood sugar level and return it to normal.

Meanwhile, the fruit has fibre that will make your blood sugar level remain stable. So, remember to drink fruit juice instead of drinking a soda.

Change bad eating habits

Changing a habit too fast will make it difficult for you to control yourself and you tend to go back to the old habit. When changing eating habits, you will have the trouble of having to change many things at once. Some of your dishes will have to be changed or abandoned. Also, the time you enjoy your meals during the day should also be changed.

Maybe you will start with drinking a glass of fruit juice instead of a coke. After getting used to this, you will continue with eating more vegetables instead of meat.

How to feel more excited about making new habits? Take time to eat with your family, friends and loved ones. When you bring social elements into meals and find the meaning in experiencing a meal, you will eat more selectively. It’d be great if you participate in the preparation of a meal, you will have a better consideration of the ingredients for the meal and how to prepare them so that the nutrients are not lost during cooking.

In short, you need to understand that nutrients have a strong impact on your whole body. They are the deciding factors to your health. So you need to understand your body is made up of what factors and what nutrients needed by them. From there, you will understand the benefits of nutrients and know what your body needs. The last thing you need to change is your eating habits but make it slowly so that the body can adapt to the change easily. You can create excitement by experiencing a meal with friends and you'll be more motivated to change your eating habits.

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