How to Get What You Deserve in Business and Life

Large or small we all have a vision for our life, but how much do we really share it with the world?

An essential part of stepping into your life's purpose is sharing your vision with others. When you courageously choose to take this step, that's when something magical starts to occur.

Everything starts falling into place naturally without you needing to be in the driver seat for every moment.

In 2013, a book called Double Double by Cameron Herald was recommended to me. From this book I discovered a new method to create a three year vision for my company called the Painted Picture.

I then shared this vision with others and what unfolded next was magical.

In this last year, I have seen everything that I dreamed into my vision unfold. After getting such incredible results, I wanted to share this simple writing exercise, so you will be able to easily build and share your own vision.

Here is the one simple writing exercise you can do to get what you deserve in life and business:

Begin with what you do and why you do it. Then write how you feel when it's achieved.

Below is what I wrote after using this prompt.

The following vision, which I call my Painted Picture, is an in-depth, high-level overview of what my own business will look, feel and act like by December 15th, 2016. Sharing it with you here helps it come true-- hopefully it motivates you to write and share your own vision.

What I Do

What I do is rooted in why I do it: I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs be seen and heard for their greatness by amplifying their brand. How I do this is with persuasive copywriting that turns online lookers into buyers, making more of an emotional connection for the business owners' messaging, and backing that up with my branding expertise and online strategies.

I am a highly sought-after leader assisting healers, designers and beautiful creative souls in selling more of their services and products online.

Businesses ask me to serve on their boards. My online course for creatives and healers is a game-changing alternative to write and profit from their websites.

I align myself with like-minded company owners and charities that want to lead by example and be the change they want to see in the world. My dream business is rooted in abundance that spills out to every client and charitable company that deals with me.

This fuels even more business and profits, because people want to be a part of the positive work accomplished with my brand. Companies hire me, because my 'why' fits perfectly with their business models.

How I Feel

I feel like my success originates from getting up every day and doing exactly what I love to do. I have purposefully surrounded myself with positive individuals that share in a vision of creating a better world. Each minute is an opportunity to take in life and appreciate the abundance around me.

I'm most grateful for the opportunity to be with my family and have full control over my work schedule, so I can spend quality time with the people that matter the most to me. My time belongs to me and I get to spend it precisely how I choose. I enjoy spending time with my clients, since they inspire me.

Everyone on my team shares a mutual respect for each other and we are all striving to achieve our greatest work. Life is a one way ticket, so we choose to make everything we create our absolute best. At any given moment I completely believe I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Now it's your turn. Go out your favorite writing tool and start on your painted picture using the framework above. I would love to read what you come up with in the comments below, and here's to amplifying our voice and vision!

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