How to Give Your Kiddos the Best Night Sleep

How to Give Your Kiddos the Best Night Sleep
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When it comes to getting your little ones to sleep, reading a short picture book just doesn’t cut it anymore. Your child’s bedroom needs to be specifically geared for the best night’s sleep to optimize their development. So Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop teamed up with Casper to create the ultimate sleeping oasis for your tiny tot.

Just because your child has no idea what a thread count is doesn’t mean they won’t feel the benefits of soft sheets. Invest in a quality mattress and bedding because a restful sleep for them means a restful sleep for you!

Raising children in the technological era might seem hopeless, but there are little things you can do to limit screen time. It’s especially important at night to hide electronics in stylish storage containers or cabinets.

Nap time isn’t just for your child, it’s a much-needed break for you too. So make sure your kids’ room has the proper curtains to lock out light and ensure a deep sleep. Roman shades or drapes in a playful color are both stylish and functional options.

The effect stuffed animals have on children is borderline magical. Just go with it. There’s no shame in sprinkling them throughout the room to let them do some of the cuddling for a little awhile.

Diapers aren’t the only thing that need freshening. Re-paint your kids’ space a calming neutral tone like a soft blue to help settle them down for the evening.

So the your kiddos are finally asleep. Phew. But what about you?

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