How to Grab on to Slipping Resolutions

With Valentine's Day approaching and many of our New Year's resolutions already dissolving, how can we convince ourselves we are Hot Chicks in 2010?
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Once again, we'd like to share the advice we are giving to our Hot Chick readers who email us with questions about everything related to living and feeling like the Hot Chicks that they are. (Remember, we define a Hot Chick as a confident, empowered and passionate woman. It's not about looks, ladies!) We hope that you can benefit from some of these Q&A's. After all, many of us women share the exact same insecurities when it comes to food, dieting, dating and relationships. Forward on to all your Hot Chick girlfriends and don't forget to email us with questions of your own at!

Hi Jodi & Cerina,
Thank you for writing How to Eat Like a Hot Chick and How to Love Like a Hot Chick. They have honestly changed my life. I am also looking forward to your third book. But until then, I have a question. I was really excited for 2010, because I was determined for this to be my year to drop the weight that I need to lose. I am thirty-five years old and currently about thirty pounds overweight and my goal was to lose that weight by summer, but I am having a very hard time sticking to my New Year's resolution diet and I just feel really depressed about it. I dropped two pounds the first week of January, but now I am back up five pounds and just hate myself for it. I was hoping to be at least 10 pounds lighter by Valentine's Day so I could wear something sexy for my husband, but now I just want to run away. I know you'd say that I should be telling myself I am a Hot Chick, but I just don't believe that I am one. How the heck can I lose this weight and finally feel sexy on Valentine's Day?!
Thank you so much in advance,

Dear Callie!
First of all, we want you to close your eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath, and relax for a minute. You will lose the weight that you want to lose; you just have to get your mind, body and spirit all working together. When you're confused and desperate to lose weight as fast as possible, it becomes so much harder to actually make it happen. It's kind of like dating -- when you're dying to find a boyfriend, it seems completely impossible. You don't meet any decent guys, no one asks you out, and it feels like you are doomed to be alone forever while everyone else is married and happy. But as soon as you change your attitude and approach dating with confidence instead of desperation (and you should know how to do this from reading How to Love Like a Hot Chick), a porthole opens that a million great guys start pouring through.

Well, the same is true for dieting. The minute you stop obsessing over food is the minute you will start naturally making better food choices. The mere concept of a diet is what is making you crazy. Being on a diet makes you think about food even more, and want to eat cheesy, fatty, chocolaty foods even more because your brain thinks you can't have it. Since we love comparing food and men, it's like fantasizing about that tattoo covered, motorcycle riding, cigarette smoking guy who already has a girlfriend. You know he's bad for you, you know you can't have him, and that's exactly why you want him so bad.

Our advice may sound strange to you, but we want you to stop thinking about dieting and especially the number of pounds you want to lose. Your job is to get through one day feeling happy and healthy and making smart choices about food and exercise, and then the next day. Looking too far down the road can set you off course, like planning a wedding before you've met that guy you want to marry, so take it one day and one pound at a time. Instead of thinking of food as the enemy, make food fun! Get creative and cook healthy and delicious meals, leave room each day for small indulgences, and try one new food each week. These little changes will create a new mindset that will serve you so much better when it comes to the health of your body and mind.

Tonight, treat yourself to a giant salad with grilled veggies and fish, a glass of wine, and a small dessert to celebrate the fact that you are going to change your thoughts and actions when it comes to your relationship with food! And you better slip into that sexy lingerie this weekend, or we will personally be offended. You are a Hot Chick, and we promise that your husband thinks so, too.
Jodi & Cerina

P.S. Our third book, Live Like a Hot Chick, coming out in September, has even more food, diet and exercise advice.

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