How to Ground Yourself and Why

Here are some answers on why it's important to ground yourself and how to know if you're not grounded.
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I talk about grounding and clearing your energy field often in my blogs, videos and podcast episodes.

Learning to ground myself has been a tremendous help for my clients and myself. Without grounding I would not be able to hold a safe and neutral space for my clients and for humanity as a light worker.

Grounding is part of my daily practice leading to clearing and setting healthy boundaries. I often get asked why I do this routine every day and what it actually does. I believe this is an essential tool and skill for sensitives and wounded souls like myself and my clients.

Here are some answers on why it's important to ground yourself and how to know if you're not grounded.

What is Grounding?

Grounding is an exercise that connects you energetically to the earth. It allows you to be more authentically in your body, in the present moment, and receive nourishing energy. Grounding allows your body to use all your talents and gifts, know their value in the world and give birth to your visions and goals.

Being ungrounded makes it harder to create and achieve what you desire

It keeps you unfocused, easily distracted, in chaos, missing in action, feeling anxious, powerless and unsafe.

You may be thinking, you're naturally in your body and gravity has you connected to the earth. Doesn't that mean that you're grounded? The answer is Yes and No!

Have you noticed when you can't concentrate that you feel spacey and out of your body? Like you aren't relating or functioning as well as you'd like to on the physical level? It takes a lot to recover to being present and alert.

Being ungrounded may feel like you don't have a foundation to stand on.

So you feel like you are floating outside of your body a little to the side and above your head.

Being ungrounded can make you feel like you are out of control and anxious, because you are easily influenced by your environment and other people's feelings.

Some of you are thinkers and not feelers so you are in your head more than you are in your body. You think about your feelings rather than feel them. This means you are ungrounded.


Your feelings are more valuable than your thoughts!

They have so much more information for you to work with. Here is a blog on the subject: Stop thinking your way through life and start feeling it!

Some of you are highly sensitives and have trained yourself not to feel everything around you because it is too overwhelming. So instead you resort to thinking, fantasizing or leaving your body.

Some of you just don't want to be in your body or on this earth because you feel the pain and suffering around you, so you spend a lot of time outside your body, day dreaming, playing with angels...

Some of you have been physically, mentally or spiritually abused and have rejected some parts of yourself in order to feel safe and survive, so you resist being in your body and feeling.

Can you relate to any of the above? Then read the rest of my article and get video instructions for grounding visualizations etc. HERE

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