How To Grow Every Single Herb You've Ever Wanted, Indoors

How To Grow Every Single Herb You've Ever Wanted, Indoors

Great news, everyone. The days of throwing down $4 for a sprig of thyme are behind you. Never again will you have to fork over your last bills for some wilting basil to make a pesto, because you can grow those herbs at home -- yes, even if you don't have one square foot of yard to call your own. Even if you live on the 22nd floor of a high-rise apartment building in New York City. Even if you don't have access to natural sunlight. All you need is a light source -- a windowsill or small grow lights will do -- and plants. Plus, the desire to grow things. That's it.

Starting an indoor herb garden might require a little investment in the beginning, but once you've bought your plants and pots you'll start saving soon after. Plus, your meals will taste infinitely more delicious because they'll be garnished with the freshest of herbs. The fine folks from Good To Be Home -- the same ones who brought us the gardening cheat sheet -- have put together a beautiful infographic to walk you through the process. There are no more excuses -- go grow some herbs.

Courtesy of: Good to be Home

Before You Go

Start with a couple of pots.

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