How To Grow An Organic Vegetable Garden Without Digging (PHOTOS)


From Organic Gardening Magazine:

Build a better vegetable patch with this no-dig method, borrowed from organic farms in rural Australia. The no-dig piles are fairly stable, but some gardeners prefer to build boxes to contain them. Various materials work, including 1-by-12-inch boards, bricks, concrete blocks, stacked stones, or a staked frame of chicken wire. The materials below are enough to build a 4-by-8-foot raised bed.

• 2 to 3 pounds bloodmeal and bonemeal
• Newspapers
• 1 bale of herbicide-free alfalfa hay
• 1 bale of herbicide-free straw (use bedding straw, not feed straw, which has viable seeds)
• 10 cubic feet of compost (preferably homemade)

Step 1

Before You Go

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