Growing Your Own Pineapple Is WAY Easier Than You'd Think

Life just got a whole lot sweeter.

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Few things are more satisfying than eating something you grew yourself.

Whether you're seasoning with rosemary from your herb garden or using homegrown tomatoes in a fresh salad, it's incredibly fulfilling and often much easier than you initially thought.

So why not add pineapple to the list of your green thumb's accomplishments?

While many fruits grow on trees, which can take lots of care and attention, pineapples are surprisingly simple to grow -- albeit slow to mature. Here's how to grow your own, step by step.

Step 1: Acquire a pineapple.

The first thing you'll need is a fully grown, fresh pineapple. Your local supermarket should have them. Even if you don't live in a tropical climate, a pineapple can still thrive inside your home with adequate sunlight. Pineapples are bromeliads, so their root systems don't require excessive space -- they'll be perfectly happy in a large pot.

Step 2: Chop off its crown.

Next, chop off the top of your pineapple, including a good inch of the top of the fruit. Remove all of the remaining fruit from the top and pick off any dying leaves. Once it's clean, it will be ready to plant.

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Step 3: Place the crown in soil.

You can grow your pineapple plant outside if you live in a climate that's warm all year long, but it's best to plant it inside in a pot if not. Pineapple roots don't need much room, but the tough, spiky leaves can get very large, so a sunroom or porch with plenty of space is a perfect location.

Dig a small hole and place the prepared crown in the soil with the leaves sticking out vertically. Cover the base with soil and you're all set. Now for the hard part ...

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Step 4: Wait.

Pineapples require little care and lots of patience. They don't need much water, since they store plenty in their leaves, so stay away from soggy soil. Just make sure they're getting plenty of sunlight, especially if you live in a colder climate.

The wait will be long, but worth it. If you plant a pineapple top, expect to wait 2 years before seeing any fruit.

At least the flowering fruit is both pretty and adorable to look at along the way:

Erich Schmidt via Getty Images
Linjerry via Getty Images
Your pineapple will grow right on top of the crown you planted!
lekchangply via Getty Images
Your pineapple will grow right on top of the crown you planted!

Step 5: Profit.

Now, the wait is over. Once your pineapple starts to turn yellow, it's time to harvest your well-earned golden treasure. Then you can start the process all over again!

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