How to Hack Your Education - Learn Faster and Skip College

Every student wants to make their studies easier somehow and probably, we all must have read many articles too, to do so.

“No Pain, No Gain.” It’s a popular saying.

Well, that’s true. Even to hack your education, you need to take some amount of pain to read them, learn them, and then bring about some changes in your routine and as well as your mind and attitude, to enjoy the benefits of learning faster and skipping college!

To hack education, you must know how to hack your brain -

1. Take Control:

The very first thing is to stop limiting yourself! Don’t be bottleneck of your own growth. Break the boundaries and paint your own way to study and learn. College is not only about studying. Basically, you are being exposed now to the hardships of the real world, beyond the carefree school walls. So, learn and explore. Believe in yourself. Control your schedules, not your ideas. Create some definite goals for yourself and focus on them, instead of falling into traps of emotions. Learn to move on. Cherish friendship but at the same time start to live for your goals and dreams.

2. Sleep and Introspect:

At times, we get so busy following our routines, that we forget two most important things. Yeah! You got it right. It’s our sleep and introspection. After a long working day, lying on the bed and having good night sleep is the best thing in the world. If you cannot sleep for “6-8” hours, then try to take 15-20 minutes naps, whenever you can in between your varying tasks. Sleeping helps you memorize things better in your brain.

The next most important thing is ‘silence’. Take out some time for introspection. Where are you heading? Do you need to change something? Go back to your prime points, when you achieved your desired goals. What’s the next step to take? Introspect.

3. Leverage the Power of Internet:

There is no way, in today’s time that you can remain away from social media being a graduating student. But how you utilize your time on it? That’s what matters. If you are always on Facebook, just scrolling and liking random jokes, then you are not doing any good for yourself.

Try to work not only hard but smart. There is lots of information available to learn & enhance your skills. You can listen to Podcasts, attend Webinars & you can get lectures and various e-courses to make your studies easier. There are various online courses and tuition centers which help you to hack your syllabus. You can get vast varities of courses on Udemy , and you can learn about specific subjects on sites like AchieversDream where you can improvise chemistry in just 3 months.

4. Skip College:

Try out various attendance apps to keep a check on your attendance. But skipping your classes does not mean chilling and partying around. Work it out your way! You learn better when you start to focus on your goals. Take out limited time for enjoyment and work harder towards your goals. Education is not just in the classroom.

Explore things around you. Travel, work, surf, meet new people, engage in activities, and spend your time reading greats of the world, understanding their strategies.

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