How to Have 2016 Be Your Best Year Yet, Part 1

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Inside each of us is a deep well of wisdom that is underutilized because we haven't learned how to tap into it in a consistent and inspiring way.

We use but a small percentage of the gifts we've been given. We get lost in doubts and fears that keep us on the track of the familiar and comfortable, making the same mistakes, and doing less of what matters most to us. As Franklin Roosevelt reminded us, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Several weeks ago I talked on Journal Talk Radio about why we lose touch with ourselves. I also shared openly about a painful lesson I've learned in the past year. Click here to listen.

Fortunately our store of wisdom and clarity remains no matter how low our confidence. No matter how big our failures or bad our mistakes, it is there to bring us back because it's as indestructible as a diamond, and as resilient as the blazing sun.

Making a best year yet plan can resolve this issue because it asks 10 questions that only your true self can answer. As you answer them, you naturally move the fears aside and get to the heart of the matter. The result is a one-page plan, sourced by your inner knowing -- a path through 2016 to your best year yet. And more importantly, every moment you're working to achieve your plan; you're tapping into your "deep well of wisdom in a consistent and inspiring way."

Answering these questions takes about two or three hours to do properly, quiet time when you take a fresh look at your life, learn, dream, and make your plan. Focus on this one activity -- no multitasking please. Be still and learn from yourself. Most importantly:

  • Capture every response that occurs to you, trusting that it's arriving from your all-knowing self. Instead of editing or rejecting, trust.
  • Write down every response.

Here are the first four questions with brief instructions. You'll find more guidance and support in my book Your Best Year Yet or at the Best Year Yet website.

  1. What did I accomplish? Begin by capturing the good news of the past year, the results that get lost when your attention is on failures and disappointments. Time to pat yourself on the back. Big and small achievements -- they all count. If it occurs to you, write it down.

  • What were my biggest disappointments? Now flip over the coin and list your failures, mistakes, and disappointments. Tell yourself the truth, just the facts. Be honest, then do your best to let each one go.
  • What did I learn? Pure gold comes from considering what went well and what didn't. Review your accomplishments to find the secret behind your successes. From your failures think about what advice you'd give yourself for better results. Choose your top three lessons and condense them into short personal guidelines. For example, Slow down, Stick to my priorities, Prepare well, or Trust my instincts.
  • How do I limit myself and how can I stop? Start by asking, how do I limit myself? What is it I do or don't do that limits me? Then read through that list asking, what do I say about myself to explain these failures? Listen carefully and capture exactly what you hear. For example, I'm too old now.or I've never been good with money. or I'm too busy. Then choose the limiting belief that is your biggest obstacle at the moment, and create a new positive, present tense and personal statement to reflect your true self. For example,
  • I'm at my peak!
    I make a big difference wherever I go!
    I'm powerful!
    My gifts are making good things happen!

    Part 2 of this article will include the rest of the questions plus tips about how to keep your alive through the year. However, these four questions are plenty to get started with -- I always say that once you've answered the first four questions, you're more than halfway there!

    If you'd rather not wait to complete your 2016 plan, here are two options --

    I'm here to answer any questions you have about making your plan. Either scroll down on this page or write to me directly at

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