How To Have An Open Relationship

Hi, my name is Davey Wavey and I enjoy open relationships.

And while openness can mean anything from chatting with multiple guys on Tinder to having threesomes with a boyfriend to full-on polyamory, the reality is that there aren’t a lot of resources around openness - and it’s not a topic about which most of us talk. Songs aren’t written about open relationships. We don’t see it in movies or on TV. It’s almost always hush-hush and taboo.

But here’s what I know: All of us deserve to create the relationships that make us happy, and different things work for different people at different times. And sometimes, what might work for you goes against the grain of what you see in a Disney movie. There’s no shame in that - and as queer people, you might expect us to have a deeper understanding of this.

But because there are so few resources for people interested in exploring openness, I created this video as a starter guide. Beyond sharing my own tips and tricks (many of which I learned the hard way), I also asked my real life sex therapist to share his thoughts.

So dive it and let’s get juicy!