How to Have Brand Confidence Like a Superstar

Would you like to have brand confidence like a superstar?

Are you an entrepreneur or coach who is struggling to communicate with your target audience?

Are you having trouble attracting your ideal customers?

Would you like to confidently express who you are and why you do what you do?

If you're struggling to communicate with your target audience, it's time to take a look at your brand.

Purpose and Core Message
A mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs and coaches make is that they invest money on their brand materials like logos and images, without getting clear on their purpose and core message. This is important because you build a brand by staying aligned to a core message about your business. And that part is often the most challenging part, but it's the most important.

Your customers want to know what it is about you, that makes you perfect for them. So it's important to give them a clear message about what you stand for and how you are different from your competitors.

Whatever your idea, whatever you market, sell or promote -- whether it's a cause, art, products or services -- one of the ways to differentiate from your competitors is to communicate your purpose. Products can be similar, but your purpose is unique.
- Bernadette Jiwa, The Fortune Cookie Principle: The 20 Keys to a Great Brand

Stand Out
In today's noisy online world, if you want to get attention and engage your audience, you need to stand out rather than fit in. This can be a problem because our brains are hardwired to fit in.

Millions of years ago, if we stood out on the savannah, we had a greater chance of being attacked by wild animals or rival tribes. Even though most of us now live in cities, we still have this survival instinct to protect us from hurt, failure, criticism, disappointment or rejection by the tribe.

Playing big -- following our callings and dreams -- puts us all in a vulnerable place, but for women the stakes are especially high. We know playing bigger may bring painful criticism or rejection, that others may call us uppity, not likable, too aggressive, bitchy, angry, not nice. We've watched that happen time and time again to women on the national stage. We've read violent, objectifying, often vulgar comments made about prominent women, particularly in online media. Our own safety instinct seeks to protect us from that external criticism by spewing cruel self-criticisms ("You aren't ready for that, you don't know what you're talking about") that keep us from stretching into greater visibility and encountering those kinds of attacks.
- Tara Mohr, Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Vision and Make Things Happen

Recently Megyn Kelly, Fox News Host asked U.S. Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump about his views on women. She said he has called women:

Fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.

Trump said that was only Rosie O'Donnell. Kelly said his Twitter account had several disparaging comments about women's looks.

Trump later talked about Kelly on Fox News saying:

You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of her wherever.

I loved how Megyn Kelly sounded confident and powerful in her questioning of Trump.

Brand Confidence Like Superstar Fergie
In stark contrast to billionaire bully Donald Trump, is superstar singer/songwriter Fergie. In her video Outspoken by Fergie | Fearless Fragrance From Avon, Fergie says:

Outspoken is about speaking your mind, about being a woman, not being afraid to have an opinion and to be bold and confident. And that's what Outspoken Intense is about - magnifying that and just being fearless.

I think Fergie has captured the essence of her brand with these words. I have long admired her confidence and talent in singing and dancing, especially when she was the only female member of The Black Eyed Peas.

Fear and Doubt
When we do something new, different and challenging that forces us outside the safety of our comfort zone, our amygdala or reptilian brain goes on red alert. The voice of the reptilian brain says things like:

"Who do you think you are?"
"You're not smart enough, thin enough, good enough, pretty enough."
"You're an idiot, stupid, dumb, foolish."

I've got so used to saying: "Who do you think you are" to myself, that I just laugh about it now.

Why is noticing and naming the voice of self-doubt so powerful? Liberating yourself from the influence of the inner critic depends on a very simple insight. You are not the critical voice. You are the person aware of the critical voice.
-Tara Mohr, Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Vision and Make Things Happen

I love Tara's inspiring work and how she draws a distinction between the person and the voice of self-doubt.

The Power of Making a Decision
You know you have a powerful message to share with the world. You decide that you are determined to stand out because of your powerful message. You COMMIT to taking action on your decision.

What happens if you don't make a decision to take a stand for what you believe in? Not many people will notice you and that means few customers and little money.

When you make a decision and act on it, you will feel confident and powerful. When you feel confident and powerful, you can effectively communicate what you stand for, find your audience and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

It's time to share your message with the world. I can help you do this with my Website Rebranding Package. I'll help you tell your story in your unique voice and style and define your purpose and core message. And I'll write content that engages your audience and motivates them to buy from you.

Imagine how confident you will feel when you're resonating with your target audience like a superstar and they're lining up to give you their credit card details.

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