How to Have the Right Team in Your Small Business

To grow your small business, you need the right team in place. Your employees are the backbone of your business, as you alone will not be able to efficiently run your business. When you are forming a team it is important that everyone have a clear vision, understanding of the core values, and an appreciate for the business' culture. When things are aligned the team will focus on reaching the business goals. It is important that your team know their role in generating and maintaining client relationships. Once you have the right team in place in your small business, your ability to grow will be endless.

Who's on Your Team?
If you have employees, take a moment to consider whether they jibe with where you want to take your business. Ask yourself:

• Do they get along with one another?
• Are they productive enough?
• Do you enjoy working with each of your employees?
• Is anyone making same mistakes?
• Does drama get in the way of any of them taking care of business?

If you haven't yet hired multiple employees, take the time to consider what you want in a work team. Ideally, you'll hire people who share your work ethic and who get excited about your products or services. You should write out a job description for each key position and keep that handy during the hiring process. Also, invite other team members to participate in the interview process and weigh in on whom you'll hire next.

Clean House
It's not personal; it's business. If there's anyone on your team who you feel is deterring your business from its true potential, let him or her go. That sounds harsh, but sometimes we put up with behavior from employees because it just seems easier than finding a replacement. Hold yourself accountable here. If someone isn't in line with that objective, it's time to replace them.

Create a Team Culture

My marketing/sales/ web operations team is primarily virtual, so it's not like we're chatting over coffee in the break room each day. However, I strive to create cohesion by having a weekly team call. I also schedule an annual team retreat at the beginning of the year where I fly in the team and plan out our year. This is our chance to check in with one another, catch up a bit on the personal stuff, and make sure we're aligned in what's happening for Team SmallBizLady.

If your team is all physically in the same location, it should be fairly easy to build and foster that team culture, but still make an effort. Hold regular staff meetings so that people who may work on their own for the most part can feel like something greater. Take them out to lunch. Show them that you care about them as individuals, and that you want them to feel like they belong.

If your team is virtual like mine, leverage technology like Skype,, and google hangout so you can be "face-to-face," sometimes and try to plan an event not related to work where you meet in real time at some point during the year. You'd be amazed at how spending time together and not just talking about work can really strengthen your bond.

A strong team is essential for your business growth. Incredible creativity and productivity come when a team is working together and is accountable to each other and you. A team can meet or even exceed your expectations when they are clear on what you want. A winning team works together and gets you that much closer to being about to take a vacation without worrying. Invest in your team and they will protect your business.