How To Have Your Best Day Ever

If I were to ask you what it would take to ensure you had your best day ever, I'd guess there would be large sums of money involved and a vacation of some sorts. Am I right?

I can relate, that was totally me! Still, I must remind myself of the truth when I am snagged by the overwhelm of being an entrepreneur, a mother and attempting to still know myself. We get so caught up in trying to make life happen for us that we forget we live in a responsive Universe. Our perception creates our reality.The chaos of the daily grind can lead to us taking the most important things for granted and forgetting our truth.

It's for this reason I created a meditation while I was on the beach yesterday. I want you to feel into the expansive realm of possibility. To know that you have already been given what is needed for your best day ever!

Sit somewhere comfy and simply take in this goodness. It's coming directly from my Soul to yours!

Listen to meditation here:

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