How To Help A Friend Diagnosed With Cancer

Hi I’m Mim and I had Cancer.

“The Doctor would like you to come in to discuss your results”.

I received the terrible news at work. How was this happening? What had I done to cause it? Was I going to die? Would I never see my kids grow up?

My Diagnosis

In November 2015 I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is rare and aggressive.

What followed was a successful Lumpectomy surgery then six months of Chemotherapy and 21 rounds of Radiation.

The twelve months after diagnosis were the most eye-opening. Despite the fear that immediately came with the cancer diagnosis and the harrowing side-effects of chemotherapy, I’ve learned that it is times like this that you discover what you are truly made of and the incredible strength inside you.

More than that though, you learn what your friends and family are made of too.

Cancer affects everyone in such different ways. It’s not just the person who is diagnosed but everyone involved in their life – they too go on the cancer journey and it can have a profound impact.

There is no rule book. No path to follow. No script. The only plan is survival, for everyone involved.

My Friend Has Cancer

I’ve written this book to share my thoughts and own experience and hopefully give you some ideas on how you can help someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

This isn’t a rule book to suit everyone; it’s simply what helped me (and what certainly didn’t help me).

If you want to find out:

  • how to help your friend through their diagnosis
  • what they might be going through
  • what, and what not, to say to help them
  • ways to practically and emotionally be there

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