How to help a grieving friend at the holidays: an illustrated guide

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Grief - from any kind of loss - makes the holiday season harder. Knowing how to help can make things better, even when they can’t be made right. Grief therapist and author Megan Devine and illustrator Brittany Bilyeu teamed up to help you learn how to support the people you love.

illustration by Brittany Bilyeu. text by Megan Devine

Megan Devine is a speaker, author, and grief advocate, and she’s on a mission to help people love one another better. For more ideas on how to support yourself - and others - through any kind of hardship, visit Refuge in Grief. And be sure to check out her new book, It’s OK That You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief & Loss in a Culture that Doesn’t Understand (Sounds True, 2017). Check out more of Brittany Bilyeu’s work at Culture Flock.

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