How To Hide The Unsightly Computer Cords On Your Desk

We found cord organizers and cable ties so you can organize your cluttered home office desk once and for all.
A stylish cable organizer that looks Instagram-ready
A stylish cable organizer that looks Instagram-ready

Whether we like it or not, spending more time at home is now the norm for many workers.

Many companies have expanded their work-from-home policies, which means your home-office setup could be your only office setup for the foreseeable future.

You may have already found a small home office desk for your workspace (or maybe you went all out for a standing desk), ordered an office chair that isn’t ugly, and even decorated with a few knick-knacks and desk essentials.

But what about those ugly, tangled cords, chargers and power strips? You can’t forget about the lesser-fun home office accessories ― even if they’re just to make your space less of an eyesore.

In that case, there are some clever solutions to hiding unsightly computer desk cords and cables to keep your workspace organized. There are cable management systems like under-desk racks that keep all of your computer cords from hanging, cable boxes to conceal your power strips, cable ties to bundle everything together and even stick-on clips to keep your chargers nearby.

We’ve rounded up cord organizers and cable ties so you can organize your cluttered home office desk once and for all.

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A stylish cable organizer that looks Instagram-ready
This channeled cable box could have come from a high-end boutique. A slim side opening allows you to thread cords in and out without leaving them exposed and cluttering up your workspace.
A wire tray under-desk tray for routing all of your cords
This rack collects your cords and cables underneath your desk.
A sleek wooden rack for charging cords
This wooden cable organizer keeps your cords close by and avoids tangling.
Round gold cable clips that stick to your desk
These small buttons stick onto surfaces to hold your cables in place.
The Container Store
A box to hide your power strips
This flame-retardant acrylic box hides power strips, adaptors, block chargers and cords.
A minimal plastic cable box with a wooden lid
Design snobs will happily splurge on this mixed-material cable box that hides cords in subtle, Scandi-inspired style.
A mesh cable sleeve
This cable sleeve keeps your cords and cables wrapped together from device to outlet.
A set of cable clips in tropical colors
Ring in spring with this fruity assortment of cable clips. The assortment comes with six clips in a variety of colors that will have you dreaming of a tropical vacation.
The Container Store
An 8-foot wall-mounted cable channel
This cable channel neatly covers cords and keeps them from dragging. You can even paint them to blend in with your wall.
A set of eight colorful cable ties
These colorful velcro wraps keep your cords organized and easy to spot.
A set of clear cable clips you can mount anywhere
For truly invisible storage, try this set of clear cable clips. Each set comes with five piece in varying sizes so that you can easily customize any desk or nightstand based on your needs.
A slim cord channel
This cable concealer will keep your cords neatly against the wall.
A pack of 16 subtle cable clips that will blend into your desk decor
These clips stick to any surface and can be used to keep small cords organized.
A round, vented vessel for hiding cables and power strips
This cable management box keeps power strips, chargers and cables organized.

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