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How the Hiring Process Has Changed Over the Years

The process of hiring and recruiting manpower services has changed notably over the years and still continues to evolve as technology takes a giant leap forward.
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The process of hiring and recruiting manpower services has changed notably over the years and still continues to evolve as technology takes a giant leap forward. More and more companies are turning to a multi-faceted approach to search recruit qualified applicants. To be able to stay at the top of the game, job seekers should be in the know of the various methods companies use to look for qualified applicants.

Free Job-Posting Websites

Apart from bringing entertainment and information to its users, the internet has helped open the doors for many job hopefuls through employment posting websites such as Jobs DB and Jobstreet. With these sites, an applicant can simply look for job openings that match his skills and capacities, send out his resume to prospective employers, and hope that he gets hired. Employment-posting websites have indeed changed the face of job hunting as we know it, as job seekers no longer need to scour the city for job openings, nor do they have to try their luck on the streets, hoping merchants have vacancies for them.

These websites not only bring convenience to job seekers; they offer numerous advantages to employers as well. For one, they do not have to send out their HR personnel to job caravans in order to screen and interview applicants. They can now do so within the confines of their office, which means lowered operating expense for the company.

Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites are not just for getting in touch with long lost family and friends anymore. In the recent years, these websites have become an excellent avenue for job seeking. Millions of people use social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn everyday. Their reach is beneficial for both parties, since the employer can let millions of people know about his job opening. At the same time, they give the job seeker the opportunity he would not have been presented with if he has not accessed these social networking websites.

• LinkedIn

While Facebook and Twitter fare greatly in the world of job seeking, perhaps the best social networking site for those who wish to get hired is LinkedIn. This website features strong connections with thousands of companies from over 130 disciplines. With these members, LinkedIn registrants get the chance to view the numerous job openings from these respected companies. Like the traditional method of referring applicants, LinkedIn also fosters employee referrals, as the job posters can communicate easily with their former employees. Best of all, LinkedIn helps connect professionals from the same discipline, making the job search a lot easier and faster.

• Facebook

Facebook is perhaps the most famous social media website in the world. Although it is commonly used for personal purposes, it is also very useful for those who are seeking employment. A Facebook profile enables a company to establish their brand presence and connect with many aspiring job seekers (fan base). At the same time, the company's employees who also use the social networking website can expand the reach more by sending out job invites to skilled people they know.

• Twitter

Tweets might be limited to 140 characters, but they are very useful for job seekers and employers as well. Since millions of users log on to Twitter everyday, a company can use it to its advantage because it can be presented with a large pool of applicants. By posting tweets, your followers and employees can access the link of your job openings and file their applications online.


Craigslist is known to many as the online version of classified ads. Apart from posting about the items you wish to sell, Craiglist can also be instrumental to individuals who are looking to hire new employees. Just like employment-posting websites, Craigslist allows the employer to post his job opening and attract any interested applicants. Since it does not require resumes or job experience, this portal is oftentimes utilized by those looking for part-time employees, such as plumbers, painters, carpenters, to name a few.

Online Interviewing

Interviewing is an essential part of the recruitment process. Even if an applicant has a stellar resume, an employer would like to talk to him personally. Before, interviewing had to be done face to face. But with technological advancements such as VoiP, employers can now screen their applicants -- even if they are located far away -- with the use of programs such as Skype and Viber. As long as both individuals have a personal computer/ smart device, internet connection and webcam (sometimes optional), they can go through the interview process right away. This method is very advantageous for both parties, too. The employer can conduct the interview at any set time, immediately if possible. On the other hand, the applicant does not have to spend money over fares or gas money just to be interviewed by the employer.

Online Outsourcing

Another trend that has taken the employment world by storm is outsourcing. More and more companies are basing their customer care centers in countries where English is the second language. Recognizing the money-saving benefits of this hiring trend, many employers, who are looking to complete small projects, are now practicing online outsourcing through websites such as Odesk or ELance. These websites provide employees with a talented pool of service providers from all around the world.

Just like "normal employment," contracts are put into place. Because projects are delivered through online messaging portals, the cost of hiring outsourced individuals is usually cheaper -- and the quality of the projects are usually at par with that of traditionally-hired professionals.
With the wide scale use of the internet and other online programs, the hiring process continues to change for the better. If you wish to keep up with these employment trends, then it is essential that you familiarize yourself with these processes -- and how you can utilize them to your advantage.

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