How to Host a Wedding Shower in Your Apartment

Food, fun, presents and people: These are the things a wedding shower needs. As you can see, nowhere in the list does it say the location of this exciting event, which means you have creative freedom to choose the location.
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Food, fun, presents and people: These are the things a wedding shower needs. As you can see, nowhere in the list does it say the location of this exciting event, which means you have creative freedom to choose the location. If you're a maid of honor or simply planning the shower, you might have considered renting out a cute restaurant or banquet hall. And while these ideas work, they're going to be a bit pricey.

Save money (to spend on your bridesmaid's dress) by hosting the shower in your apartment instead. Think of all the possibilities: You can cook food and keep it warm easily, you'll have plenty of time to decorate and you won't drop a big sum on a rental fee-- sounds like nothing but wins.

As you dream up amazing wedding shower ideas for your BFF, take a look at these tips for hosting in your own apartment:

Create a Schedule or Timeline

Wedding or bridal showers typically take place about two months before the big day, so you want to make sure you have time to plan, invite people and get your place ready. Make a schedule or calendar of events to help you stay on track. For instance, three to four months before the wedding, send out invitations to the shower. At this point, all you need to know is when and where the shower will take place, and you already decided on hosting in your apartment-- you're so organized!

In the month between sending invites and the shower date, hone the details, from picking decorations to planning a menu. Having a set timeline will keep you on track and prevent you from forgetting anything important.

Pick a Theme

No, you don't have to plan something like a sailor-themed shower. A theme could even just be colors or a motif. For instance, you could decorate with rainbow-colored pom-poms if the bride loves bright hues. Of course, you could do an all-out theme, like a tea party. Really, it's up to you!

Having a theme of some sort does help you pick decorations and set a menu. If you're having a hard time generating ideas, just pick the wedding colors-- this keeps your event inline with the big day and reduces the stress of picking a theme.

Clear Away Clutter

Even if you have a spacious apartment, you'll still need to clear an area for seating, games, gifts, etc. That giant five-piece comforter set has to go somewhere!

You may have to rethink your decor arrangement to accommodate for more people and stuff. A few days before the shower, rearrange the room where you're guests will sit so they can easily see the bride when she's seated.

Also, count your chairs. Do you have enough seating for everyone attending? If not, borrow furniture from a friend or even rent some-- you can't have grandma sitting on the floor.

Get It Sparkling Clean

Not only should you declutter your apartment, you should also clean before guests arrive. Scrub the bathroom, get the kitchen in order and make sure your living room is tidy.

You may even be a stellar host by upgrading some features in your apartment. Put out fancy soap and hand lotion in the bathroom your guests can use. Or, put a shoe basket near the front door if you want to prevent dirt from tracking inside-- that way, the shoes are out of the way.

Cook Ahead

You don't want to spend the entire shower cooking food in your kitchen and serving drinks -- it is your bestie's wedding shower, after all, and you should be with her. Cooking ahead will give you the chance to be present at the party.

Plan a menu that you can cook the night before and simply warm up or put out the day of. Sandwiches, scones and casseroles are all easy to make ahead. Anything that's baked can even be cooked a few days before the shower. The morning of the event, all you'll have to do is put the food out or warm it up.

As for drinks, consider putting liquids in large, self-serve containers. That way, everyone can head to the bar, grab a cup, and pick what they want-- mimosas are sure to be a hit.

Plan Stations

You might not have room in your apartment to have every part of the party in your living room. So, make the most of your other rooms. Set up food and drink stations in your kitchen. Put a gift table near where the bride will sit. Designate your bedroom as a coat room.

Spreading things out will help the party feel less cluttered and improve flow.

Have an Agenda

Some brides like the idea of playing games at their shower-- who doesn't love the one where you make a wedding dress out of toilet paper? However, if your bestie doesn't want games, don't have them. Really, what you do at the shower should reflect the bride's tastes.

Whether you play party games or not, plan a schedule for the shower. For instance, cocktail hour might be an hour long. Then, you could all sit down as the bride opens gifts. Ask your friend what she wants in her shower, then do your best to include those features in your agenda.