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How to Host a Winning Halftime

As long as you have good people and good food (and your favorite team is winning), your halftime is sure to be a touchdown with your guests!
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This is it, the Big Game is here, and this year you're ready. You've done the prep work, you've got a game plan, you've sent out your invitations, and you've got enough snacks to feed the whole team. You. Are. Ready.

Well, circle 'round and huddle up, because here are a few game-winning plays to make sure you score an awesome halftime!

Play Outside
If your guest list includes die-hard football fans and the halftime show isn't exactly their thing, then plan a quick game of touch football outside. It's a great way to help your guests feel even more connected to the game -- plus you can work off some of those first-half snacks and make room for the home stretch! The halftime show is usually around 30 minutes, so you can play two 10-minute halves plus a water break and still be back in time for the start of the second half. And be sure to make a trophy to present to the winning team!

Party Inside
If weather does not permit going outside, throw a friendly competition inside. One of our favorites is the Touchdown Dance! Have your guests take turns showing off their very best touchdown celebration and vote on a winner. Add a camera and you can make a slideshow of everyone's best moves, which you can even send it out as a party favor to your guests after they go home.

Feed the Fandom
Everybody knows one of the most important parts of watching the Big Game is the food! Small bites and finger foods are the easiest and most game-watching-friendly foods. Go-to game day snacks include chips and salsa, BBQ chicken wings, pretzels, popcorn, sliders and tacos. You can find a ton of winning game day snacks, easy recipes and even a party provisions calculator and printable shopping list on the "Party Ideas" section of our site. P.S. Fans tend to feel a rush of hunger at halftime, so make sure to have reinforcements waiting in your fridge and kitchen (i.e., extra bags of chips, beverages, etc.). Check refreshments 30 minutes before halftime, and if they're looking a bit low, restock before the first half comes to an end.

Taste Victory
Guys love this one. Visit your local BevMo! and purchase beers representing the top 10 NFL teams, and throw a beer-tasting during halftime. It gives people something to do while they watch the halftime show. If you want to get a little more specific to the Big Game, find a few microbrews from the two teams' cities. For example, pit Allagash White Ale (New England) versus Red Hook Pilsner (Seattle) and have your guests declare the official Microbrew of the Big Game!

Enjoy the Show
If you have Katy Perry fans on your guest list, make sure they have a great spot to watch the halftime show, and keep other guests busy (and away from the TV) with one of the above activities.

As long as you have good people and good food (and your favorite team is winning), your halftime is sure to be a touchdown with your guests!