How to Host the Ultimate Fall Dinner Party

We've prepared for the season with our favorite fall furnishings and décor, but we know that isn't enough to create the dining experience we all want.
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Autumn brings colder weather, changing leaves, and an excuse to cuddle up beneath blankets for a movie day. Here at Dot & Bo, we know that it also brings the opportunity to host the ultimate fall dinner party.

We've prepared for the season with our favorite fall furnishings and décor, but we know that isn't enough to create the dining experience we all want. Here's our quick-and-simple guide to what you need to know about hosting the best fall feast:

1. Identify Your Style

It's paramount that you create the right setting for your fall fête. In order to do so, you have to identify your personal style, and then apply that to your designs. To help you with this process we've created four separate collections, each geared toward setting your fall table: Eclectic, Urban, Modern, and Rustic.

The eclectic take on this aesthetic is all about pairing faded and reclaimed wood with bright plants, metallics, and patterns.


The urban style is more about focusing on using sturdy, grittier materials like slate or steel. These can be introduced as placemats, barstools, or even tabletops.


The Rustic aesthetic is softer and simpler, combining ash wood tones with décor in white or pale orange.


The modern fall look is all about rich teak woods, classic silhouettes, and fall colors like orange, yellow, and brown in accents and décor.


2. Pick Your Centerpiece

Now that you've identified the style of your fall dinner party, it's time to pick out the centerpiece for your tablescape. It's important to have just the right autumnal design to help guests feel like they're in a seasonal setting.

If you're throwing an eclectic fête, we suggest colorful flower wreaths and branches held together in fun and interesting shapes.


Hosting an urban fall feast? Feature pale pink flowers in a line of mason jars, or fill a chrome bowl with branches and baubles.


For your modern fall soirée, consider using a less subtle approach to seasonal décor. Pumpkins, walnuts, and acorns can do wonders for your table. Introducing them in lighter shades also helps everything feel current, while maintaining that classic look.


Your rustic fall gathering doesn't need much. Simply use a set of white candles and accent with twisting wooden branches or antlers.



3. Design Guest Name Plates

Nameplates can add an elegant touch to your tablescape, and they don't have to be traditional or stuffy. Here are some examples of fun and cool ideas for these little labels.

For your modern fall soirée, pick something that calls out the timeless designs you're featuring. We love this example of Scrabble pieces being used to assign seating.

Who knows, dining may even transition into a game of wordy fun, each guest starting with the letters in their own name!


For your urban fall feast, channel the grittier nature of the city and use dark slate or chalkboard to label each guest's seat.
For your rustic fall gathering consider doing something simple, like writing names in script on brown paper tags with a bit of raffia tied in a bow at the top.


When it comes to your eclectic fall fête, forget the nameplates! Let friends sit by friends, strangers sit by strangers, and the flow of energy lead them through the festivities!


4. Plan Your Menu

What would a dinner party be without food? To truly make this an affair your guests will never forget, you'll want to serve up some delicious treats! Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Have vegetarians to entertain? No problem! This list of ten meals will keep everyone well fed and ready for anything.
  • These fifteen autumn salads featured on Gimme Some Oven's website will blow your mind!

After that, all you need is some mulled spiced wine, and you're set.


Or check out these other eight fall cocktail recipes that are sure to get the festivities going.

5. Fun Favors

The rest of the night is up to you. Fill it with great conversation, lively music, and any other entertainment you can think of.

Just make sure that you end the night by letting guests know how much you appreciated their presence. Give each attendee a favor before they head out your door. Here are a few of our favorites ideas for these small gifts:

When it comes to throwing the ultimate fall dinner party, all that really matters is making sure your friends are together and everyone is having a great time. BUT having a beautiful tablescape, delicious menu, and fun favors can help you make sure that happens.

With these five tips, your dinner party is sure to be a success. Apply them to your home for your next fall gathering.

Don't forget to check out our fall tablescape collections, each tailored to individual styles: eclectic, urban, rustic, or modern. Then, start planning your menu, picking your centerpieces, and creating your tablescape. We can't wait to hear all about your beautiful autumn gatherings!

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