How to Improve Performance: A Coaching Conversation (9.6)

If you keep doing what you've done,
you'll keep getting what you've gotten.

Shane would like to change some things in the way he works with a colleague. These things are "so small" that he hasn't found the energy to bring them up. Yet, they bother him.

What bothers him is not just what he sees as less-than-excellent quality of work, but the fact that appeasing his colleague is neither helping the relationship nor fulfilling Shane's vision of who he wants to be.

So I ask him to pretend I'm his colleague and tell it to me like it is, without any filters or anesthesia.

Shane's unfiltered thoughts are toxic. They won't improve the work, will harm the relationship and betray his cherished values of respect and compassion.

What can he do? If he speaks his mind, he'll pollute the space. If he keeps quiet he'll pollute himself.

In the following video, you can see how Shane and I work to find the diamond in the coal, and share his deep truth to improve the way he works with his colleague.

Should you have any trouble viewing the video, please click here to view on Fred's slideshare page.

Readers: What lesson can you draw from the video? How would you apply it to your circumstances?

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