How to Improve Your Budget by 25% in just 6 Months

Wouldn't it be great if you could improve your budget by 25% in just six months? You might be thinking that this impossible. But with a little bit of forward thinking, it really is. Take advantage of these simple budgeting tips so you can enjoy saving more and spending less the easy way.


This one is a no-brainer. Pair up with a buddy at work and carpool to and from. You will cut your gas by at least 40%. Considering that the average price per gallon is well above $3, imagine what you'd save in just 10 commuting days on gas alone.

Dine In

Save restaurants for only the most special of occasions. Make your house your new bistro. Get excited about recipes that you can try. Shop smart and reduce your dining costs by 40% or more.

Shop Outlets

You can still enjoy name brands, but why pay department store prices for them? Instead, start shopping at local and online outlet stores. You will find all the bling that you know and love for a lot less.

Go Solar

Explore your options with solar paneling on your roof. Even if the monthly payment to finance them was $100, imagine your electric bill dropping to zero. How fast could you see the savings stack up over a few months?

Update Light Bulbs

Stop wasting money on outdated light bulbs. Instead, update them all to energy efficient halogen. The bulbs last ten times as long and they use ten times less energy. Over one month, you could save a pile of cash from just using more efficient lighting.

Eradicate Wasteful Spending

What areas of wasteful spending are you prone to? A quick look at your online statements will be telling, and most often frightening. Sit down and highlight all your areas of wasteful spending, and make mental notes to improve it over time.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

How much money are your appliances costing you when all is said and done? Likely a lot more than you may suspect at first. A quick way to find out is to conduct an energy audit on your personal usage. Look up each appliance you have online to find out what the annual energy usage is. Then compare those appliances to ones that are rated higher. You will quickly realize that you could be saving thousands per year by making the smart switch.

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