How To Improve Your Work-From-Home Space When You Don't Have A Desk

No desk? No problem. These finds will help you stay organized even if you're working from your bed.

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When you're working from home and don't have an office, you might improvise. And these finds will help you be productive in bed.
When you're working from home and don't have an office, you might improvise. And these finds will help you be productive in bed.

When you’re working from home, there’s almost always a distraction to deal with — whether it’s a kiddo wanting attention, a pet needing a walk, a roommate running around or a partner presenting on a conference call. If you don’t have your own office space, you might be trying to focus by shutting yourself in your bedroom or setting up shop at the kitchen table.

Since our own editors at HuffPost Finds have been working from home, they’ve been trying to find ways to make their own WFH setups a bit better. It got us thinking about the things that might make working from home a little easier (other than a virtual happy hour with your friends or taking a relaxing bath at the end of a long day).

From a furry pillow that’ll keep you sitting up straight to an adjustable laptop tray so you can be comfortable at any angle, these finds might just help you get through that next call with your co-workers.

Here are some finds that’ll help you working from home without a desk:

A laptop rest that looks exactly like a desk
With a walnut finish and hidden drawers, you won't feel like you're missing out on a desk. Find it for $24 at Target.
A classic, ceramic coffee cup
Uncommon Goods
If you're not going to your favorite coffee shop, this coffee cup will bring some of that atmosphere to your bedroom. Find it for $14 at Uncommon Goods.
A comfy cushion for your back
It's probably better on your back than your office chair. Plus (or plush), it feels like velvet. Find it for $18 at Target.
A set of file folders to stay on top of those sheets
Rifle Paper Co.
You might not have a file drawer at hand, but you'll still be able to keep those reports on hand. Find them for $14 at Rifle Paper Co.
A phone mount so you won't bend over backward during breaks
Urban Outfitters
Sometimes you need an Instagram break. You can clip this phone mount to your nightstand so it's right next to you. Find it for $16 at Urban Outfitters.
A laptop tray with a cup holder for your afternoon coffees
Best Buy
Type the day away with this laptop tray. Find it for $36 at Best Buy.
A clipfolio to take notes on those Zoom meetings
Rifle Paper Co.
You'll want to keep track of what ideas are floating around your virtual meetings. This clipfolio has a removable notepad so you can write from anywhere. Find it for $26 at Rifle Paper Co.
A leopard lamp to have bedside
Urban Outfitters
If you're still typing as the sun's settings, you'll need a great lamp. Find this one for $99 at Urban Outfitters. If you're looking for something smaller, you can't go wrong with a salt lamp.
A pair of headphones to show you're busy
Best Buy
When you're busy, you're busy. These top-rated headphones will tell your roommates or partner that you really can't talk right now. Find them for $190 at Best Buy.
A succulent to add some sunshine to your space
The Sill
If you're missing your work plant, you could always put this pet-friendly succulent in your home work space. Find the mini size for $27 at The Sill.
A power strip for all those cables
Urban Outfitters
Stay connected and charged. Find it for $13 at Urban Outfitters.
A planetary paperweight
Uncommon Goods
You might have a stack of papers you don't want to lose track of. And if you're spread out on your dining table, this paperweight will keep those sheets together. Find it for $52 at Uncommon Goods.
A case for your AirPods so they don't get lost in your sheets
Rifle Paper Co.
You definitely don't want to lose one in the middle of a call with your boss. Find it for $25 at Rifle Paper Co. There's a case that can fit your set of AirPods Pro, too.
A calendar dry-erase board
You might be feeling lost without your desk calendar but this dry-erase option can keep you organized. Find it for $20 at Anthropologie.
A furry pillow companion
If you're looking to stay in bed all day while you work, this sherpa back pillow will keep your bed extra cozy. Find it for $18 at Target.
A striped sleeve to tuck your laptop into after a long day
Once your day is done, you might want to reach for your personal laptop. This sleeve will help you separate the two. Find it for $20 at Target.
A pencil pouch that you can store anywhere
If you don't have room for a pencil cup, this pouch won't take up too much space. You won't ever be scrambling for a pen. Find it for $24 at Anthropologie.
A foot warmer for when you're forgoing socks
It's your house, after all. Find it for $40 at Target.
A pillow to kick up your feet
Bed Bath & Beyond
Hey, you can't just kick your feet up at your office. So if you're working from home, why not? Find it for $30 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
A top-rated cushion
Bed Bath & Beyond
Your dining chair might not be so supportive for a full day at work. Luckily, this cushion conforms to your pressure points. Find it for $80 at Bed Bath & Beyond.